When You Put a 1000hp Honda Motor In the Back of an Mr2

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THE PAINT GUY Gabriel Mianda
An infrared sensor will definitely help with the front end coming up too high.
Boosted M3NACE
Boosted M3NACE - 4 dager siden
The Mr2 is my favorite car on the channel! It just wants to RIP!
Cameron Smith
Cameron Smith - Måned siden
Brent is awesome, I love hearing him support Kyle and be proud of him.
garibaldy molina
garibaldy molina - 2 måneder siden
Kyle u doing good but u r shifting too quick n that's y u not getting that 8 second pass.
Calo Carratalà Domingo
Calo Carratalà Domingo - 3 måneder siden
Like quien venga de las stories de @shupollobuenoahi
edwin van oers
edwin van oers - 3 måneder siden
we need a no wheelie bar sticker
Matt Baker
Matt Baker - 4 måneder siden
Bro you need to take a few days off and get some rest. You look like you got black eyes at the end of the video. We all understand you want to give us content but we can tell your tired and wore down. Take care of yourself buddy. We want content for years to come
John Pfeifer
John Pfeifer - 4 måneder siden
why not put wheely bars on the mr2? like yeah its neat to tune it to not need them.. but definitely faster and safer with them
Mark Seven
Mark Seven - 4 måneder siden
Wtf is a strain gauge
A. Hooker
A. Hooker - 4 måneder siden
I wish Brent was my big brother and Kyle was my little brother.
Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez - 4 måneder siden
U need wheelie bars asap , and you'll get that 8 sec pass
Luke Jones
Luke Jones - 4 måneder siden
Kyle why don't you put some wheeley bars on the white mr2 you'd be able to het it out the hole quicker and hit the 8s if you keep your hand of the stick
Master Giant
Master Giant - 4 måneder siden
Take the MR2 the half mile I this she gonna do 200MPH turned all the way up
Leroy R53
Leroy R53 - 4 måneder siden
YO EBOLA - 4 måneder siden
One thing I’ve always wonder if possible probably not but a all wheel drive mr2 ?
Chris Broadbridge
Chris Broadbridge - 4 måneder siden
Congrats Jamie, 13 years, you must be over the moon bro
Liftedlifestyle - 4 måneder siden
Welp at least you make a killing off you tube 🤷🏻‍♂️ shouldn’t be an issue to get it fixed I mean shit Cletus just bought a race track keep up kid 😂
Sid McMullen
Sid McMullen - 4 måneder siden
Ad a little weight in the front. I was putting mine on the bumper regularly before adding 50 pounds. Now it only comes up about a foot
Philip Baldock
Philip Baldock - 4 måneder siden
So we have
cletus mcfatland
Boosted bois
Faster promos
Who is pfi? All of them?
Austin Carlson
Austin Carlson - 4 måneder siden
brents looks like hes got to get used to that rado kill again cheesin and shit
Ravis Maximus
Ravis Maximus - 4 måneder siden
Blown trans causes engine not to start?
Sound like it was rotating hmmm
Trevor Lewis
Trevor Lewis - 4 måneder siden
Does the strain gauge work off of you just touching the shifter? The trans let go in the only pass you had the gloves on, so maybe it didn’t cut ignition and just powered into gear. Kinda intrigued on how that works Kyle
mayo7679 - 4 måneder siden
Hey guys love the mr2 build !! Idk if you’ve talked about it maybe i didnt see but are you guys planning on putting wheelie bars on it
Mateus Gomes
Mateus Gomes - 4 måneder siden
R B 200HP
R B 200HP - 4 måneder siden
Keep the car from going to the moon and you will save the dog box. ......
Stephen Morgan
Stephen Morgan - 4 måneder siden
You guys are nucking great! Love the GOOD ENERGY
Eddie bo
Eddie bo - 4 måneder siden
anyknow notice brents son sidekick wearing the same shit lmao!
Randomsheit - 4 måneder siden
Brent is such a genuine guy I love how happy he is for everyone
BlueRice - 4 måneder siden
you going need to re-gear it. you need a lot longer first gear. then you can get so much better time.
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford - 4 måneder siden
jason shugart
jason shugart - 4 måneder siden
Shad Pixton
Shad Pixton - 4 måneder siden
I wanna see the neon
NorthernWasteland - 4 måneder siden
Breaking stuff means more shop videos tho
Alan Green
Alan Green - 4 måneder siden
+1 sub. Followed you guys from Cleetus . Love the content, keep it up!!
Ted Bear
Ted Bear - 4 måneder siden
Two Wheelies in one pass lol nice
Ted Bear
Ted Bear - 4 måneder siden
Just put a bit more weight in the front of the MR2 and FUCKING FULL SEND!!!!! ez 8 in her
Jonnells24 - 4 måneder siden
Although breaking the trans sucks, a 9.10 is still a damn impressive pass.
winch racing
winch racing - 4 måneder siden
Travel limiters would go along ways on the mr2
Jose Rotary
Jose Rotary - 4 måneder siden
Now it’s a good time to get this speed sensor sorted out and get everything 100% #builditandsenditpapi 💯👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Mark Seven
Mark Seven - 4 måneder siden
Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith - 4 måneder siden
“and were not wasting no time, got everything loaded up” *goes to dispensary*