Twin Turbo Mr2 Is Back! (Dyno Session On the New Engine)

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EMAH MUSIC - Dag siden
0-60 test ???? Pls
brandon dykes
brandon dykes - 6 dager siden
Congrats on the power and subscribers. Keep gettin it!👍
Christopher Crowley
Christopher Crowley - 6 dager siden
Kyle here is a cupholder for your mr2, these work awesome. Sheetmetal doors or floor, even a window
Rushin Pietersen {Reckless Projects}
Kyle I would really like a t-shirt a sponsor 😁
Coby Hester
Coby Hester - 8 dager siden
That’s cool and all but can we talk about that banshee in the background
karl kiernan
karl kiernan - 9 dager siden
1000Hp ermm no I dont think so not with 30 psi .
pFbSpecV - 10 dager siden
Go off whp not crank horse power......
Dieeguitto Roddriguez
Dieeguitto Roddriguez - 12 dager siden
Dave Hall
Dave Hall - 12 dager siden
Hey Kyle, have you thought of the aero? You could cut the metal plate under the rear bumper. It could also help with wheelies a bit.
Dave Hall
Dave Hall - 12 dager siden
You could also add a front lip to improve stability and aero. The windshield wipers could go too.
Slayer of Bullshit
Slayer of Bullshit - 12 dager siden
Let's get to them 1M subs!
Nathan Lodder
Nathan Lodder - 13 dager siden
Dang!! Looking forward to a track rip with that lazer sensor
B13seNtra420 B13seNtra420
B13seNtra420 B13seNtra420 - 13 dager siden
Just dont want to see any final destination freak accident happening and taking your hard work away plus my luck i have that would happen to me if i had the exact same setup🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️for real tho lmao keep climbing man your inspiring grown ass men to stop pussy footing and dive straight into our passions lol💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
B13seNtra420 B13seNtra420
B13seNtra420 B13seNtra420 - 13 dager siden
Yooo notice when you have the rowdy 2 step with those yellow flames might catch that shoot if the right wind gets it. Might wanna put turn downs on the tips or turn them pointing more to the left and right
Shawn C
Shawn C - 14 dager siden
Brent's nickname should be Cheddar Bob
John Simons
John Simons - 14 dager siden
Congrats Brother, New adventure to go on. Having the 240 puts you in Florida with the driftboys over there, maybe some drifting with Cleetus, Taylor Ray and Adam great opportunitie to expand on the content and new collaborations with other top notch youtubers. Best of luck on your new adventure and looking forward to all the content.
BIKE Life 260
BIKE Life 260 - 14 dager siden
Was locked up for 3 months just got out. The whole time I was in there I was thinking of how many videos Im going to have to catch up on. Good to be free!
Dharyl - 14 dager siden
@BoostedBoiz I hope that you reply to this or anyone that knows about this but, how come you have a Honda Civic ek9 that has a left steering wheel? I thought they were only produced in Japan so I would assume the steering wheel would be on the right side? And can someone tell me if they produced ek9s in the u.s? I’m really curious
jessejames00666 - 15 dager siden
Hit 900k and yall forgot about us lol been waiting for a new vid for daaaaaays
Turbo World
Turbo World - 15 dager siden
God bless the heat coming at that Parachute! Warmmmmmmmmmmmm!
Turbo World
Turbo World - 15 dager siden
Congratulations on the subscribers! What a awesome thing you guys got going on! So much hard work, and it all ends up paying off, patience is the essence of virtue! Lets Go! 1milhionnnnnn!!
Op1 zilla
Op1 zilla - 15 dager siden
The bearded Brent, my net been down for 1 month, I love the Mr2
Johnny Stirstick
Johnny Stirstick - 15 dager siden
Not hitting that 1 mill I not posting for 4 days boiz. I think Emilio is rubbing that lazy off on you Kyle. We want daily content !!!!!
hipo4eyes1 - 15 dager siden
Does MASSIVE pull on the street.... “can I have the $6 meal?”😂😂😂😂
BTW where in Florida will you be setting up shop?!?!?!😂😂
LivinLow - 15 dager siden
Congratulations guy's on the 900k
MariDiGennah VLOGS
MariDiGennah VLOGS - 15 dager siden
You literally have to concentrate to drive the MR2.. congrats on the 900k
MariDiGennah VLOGS
MariDiGennah VLOGS - 15 dager siden
How many fuel should i add and by how much should i retard the ignition to buss flames? Could someone help me out please?
Sasha - 15 dager siden
I really wanna know what his neighbours think of him now
Sled The North 603
Sled The North 603 - 15 dager siden
This vs Leroy.......

like it up
lars kristensen
lars kristensen - 16 dager siden
next up some chirping
Wes Carlson
Wes Carlson - 16 dager siden
Are you going to RMRW 2.0
ImportRacer4Life - 16 dager siden
Congratulations on 900k!!! Crazy to see how far you guys have come!! Can’t wait to see what’s next!
john fasano II
john fasano II - 16 dager siden
yo im not so sure about the beging of this video its so cringgy
dtvtechrp - 16 dager siden
What's the deal with hot red NSX in the BACKGROUND 😎
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 - 15 dager siden
It's Brent's car. You can find videos on his channel (PFI Speed) and Shane's channel. (GoofyBuilt Shane)
Chad D Boy
Chad D Boy - 16 dager siden
H NUGGETS - 16 dager siden
Sport Injected
Sport Injected - 16 dager siden
DQ heck ya,.. Be safe man,..
lowbxxst - 16 dager siden
hell yea boizzzzz congrats
douglas Mcclose
douglas Mcclose - 16 dager siden
congrats fellas love the channel, been following since baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack in the day
James Anderson
James Anderson - 16 dager siden
So sick can't wait till you get that laser on and go for them 8's!!
Daniel Waggoner
Daniel Waggoner - 16 dager siden
if you say the word rip one more god damned time
prospector mike
prospector mike - 16 dager siden
for every 3 pounds you remove from the crankshaft rotating assembly's, you gain roughly 1 hp, even lightweight belt pulleys affect it. now if you ADD weight you gain 1 foot pound of torque. thats why say a diesel has a 150lbs flywheel, i mean yes they need a big one but the heavier it is the more torque it builds. light weight means horse power, heavyweight means torque....