Twin Turbo Mr2 First Start On The New Aluminum Rod Engine!

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Runtime: 11:47


alan martinez
alan martinez - 18 dager siden
GTA V Decoders
GTA V Decoders - 18 dager siden
2:59 Invest in a oil filler funnel 😭
kevin bailey
kevin bailey - 19 dager siden
Recon Delta
Recon Delta - 22 dager siden
Kyle Maxy from MaxwristGold is in town and wants to meet up with you to shoot some video! Hit him up ASAP
#RideLife - 25 dager siden
This build is super exciting to me for some reason lol I’m really loving these videos.. can’t wait to see more
Bryan Scott
Bryan Scott - 26 dager siden
You know who would love this mr2... The orginal swap god.... #BisiMoto
He actually has a red 1st gen with build plans... I'm definitely ready to see what kind of mad build/swap he has in store for that thing. #BisiForPresident2020
Jeffrey SmokeyBones O'Malley
Jeffrey SmokeyBones O'Malley - 26 dager siden
What color are u gonna caint the page? Lol I caught that buddy lol.
SILENT BOB - 27 dager siden
Is the mr2 a k24a2 tsx bottom with a k20a2 type s head?
Phillip Aubin
Phillip Aubin - 29 dager siden
Aluminum rods work if you don't need the engine to last.
Rick L
Rick L - 29 dager siden
3:05 WHYYY use cheap ass oil man smh, put some Ams oil or Royal purple on that poor engine.
Steven Thompson
Steven Thompson - Måned siden
Cant wait to see this bish launch agian
... Todd an goofy always willing to lend a hand for race car shit
boostedjaysus - Måned siden
NITRO NEAL - Måned siden
Time for a moon tune on it.
NITRO NEAL - Måned siden
Can't wait until Brent puts a moon tune on it, and you send it down the track. Love your videos, you guys Rock,
Jared THISDELLE - Måned siden
Sickness ..Todd big up man helping out
snikwad003 - Måned siden
Wonder if they have considered a fan on the intercooler to blow the heat from the exhaust away to keep the intercooler from heatsoaking between runs and while staging
Peter Wall
Peter Wall - Måned siden
I'm in the UK and I love it 😎
Shockern003 - Måned siden
oil.....dont like......
Boogie&Rilleybug Autorepair
Sound like a freaking Harley lol
Ant Mk2dreaming
Ant Mk2dreaming - Måned siden
With that engine hard mounted , how long until we see stress fractures on engine and transmission?
Tommy Chism
Tommy Chism - Måned siden
Was anybody else surprised that he used O'Reilly oil lol?!
Dre's Racing Channel
Dre's Racing Channel - Måned siden
God primed that motor for the boostedboiz lmao because they did not plan on priming it!
Fix-it- Jeff
Fix-it- Jeff - Måned siden
Shoutout to Shawn! True hero of every build! Hes always down to help and seems like a great guy!
Tyrel Thibault
Tyrel Thibault - Måned siden
What happened to Roman?
Toysrme - Måned siden
Shoulda done a v6 conversion!
lilspkie - Måned siden
I got Mr2 Recaro oem seat rails if anyone wants them 😁😁
Alex Jaxon
Alex Jaxon - Måned siden
I just clicked to see how you mounted a 4cly twin turbo...
Armando Rodriguez Jr
Armando Rodriguez Jr - Måned siden
They use the worst oil possible then wonder why shit goes wrong...
Branden Childers
Branden Childers - Måned siden
One day I have faith you will put the gauges in a gauge pod lol. But I’m glad to see this beast going back together for sure
derek engstrom
derek engstrom - Måned siden
get some longer bolts for that rear frame mount, you have nylock nuts but your bolts are too short. now that its a solid mount vibrations can wiggle nuts/bolts loose. safety first.
Corey K
Corey K - Måned siden
Don’t forget to caint the page on the van!!!
G-dub outdoors
G-dub outdoors - Måned siden
It would be dope if you changed the mr2s valve cover to black with a moon and stars on it and et flying over past the moon and put to the moon on it
It's Manny
It's Manny - Måned siden
Tampa Boys Customs
Tampa Boys Customs - Måned siden
Man that engine plate is serious buddy the mr2 is going to make some serious steam now
Garrett Cook
Garrett Cook - Måned siden
Showing out with the no funnel oil fill with no spill!!!
Junior tr
Junior tr - Måned siden
All the money spent on it for oreillys oil lol
Fringeless - Måned siden
@ 1:55 Whats up with that stupid rattle snake music? It seems like every new youtube video has some iteration of snake music.
Mecánico Mobile5
Mecánico Mobile5 - Måned siden
Congratulations 🎊🍾🎈🎉 I ve being waiting for this moment
Really love the mr2 back
rosa rawlins
rosa rawlins - Måned siden
higher revving lighter assembly and more rigid should help you get 8.70s hopefully.
rshansonr - Måned siden
He needs to build a wheelie bar