Turbo Sand Rail Reactions!

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hawaiiandragon76 - 3 dager siden
You need a handle for your passengers just in case of a roll over so they have something to keep their arms in the cockpit
kobnasty_7100 - 12 dager siden
You need to add a center bar because if you roll that and your buddy has his hand on the outside bar hes guaranteed to loose an arm or hand with how they keep grabbing that top fraim rail i have a buddy that almost lost his hand to a rollover and he grabbed that same spot. Sick rail.
kobnasty_7100 - 12 dager siden
A center T bar to hold on to*
Skate for Life
Skate for Life - 14 dager siden
They should surprise someone for one million
Cholest Stevens
Cholest Stevens - 15 dager siden
Kyle we love you, tighten that harness bro! You're a badass driver, but still.
luis arancibia
luis arancibia - 16 dager siden
Puedes subir con subtítulos en español? Siempre los veo en ingles y nose que dicen jajajja🤙
Alan gonzalez
Alan gonzalez - 16 dager siden
Jared THISDELLE - 16 dager siden
Let me hoon that some bit.h . I'll f.vking send that thing i be kyle glasses and thats if pumping my fist 👊 ..just this weekend I blew bye guys on the dirt bikes full gear I just woke up jumped on my 450r crf built bike in my fleece pants t shirt and ball cap roster them passed them like they were sesting there 5 gear full pin 📌 boiz .... fu.king sent it . Then I jumped on my 1000 xmr r renegade and sent it sideways in everyturn
Bradford Williamson
Bradford Williamson - 17 dager siden
Hey Kyle you need a Findlay hat! It won't fly off on you
Op1 zilla
Op1 zilla - 18 dager siden
Joshua Carranza
Joshua Carranza - 18 dager siden
That shit Fucken Hauls!!! 😳
KIMBO Productions
KIMBO Productions - 18 dager siden
Great reactions ! Want to feel the ride myself ;)
мøłłıαятı - 19 dager siden
In other life,god,please I want born in U.S pleaseplease... please...
99xjoverland - 20 dager siden
Need a T handle bar for the passenger to hold onto
Chase Mikloczak
Chase Mikloczak - 20 dager siden
Where’s Emilio been?
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 - 19 dager siden
In Florida.
Ginja - 20 dager siden
MATE you seriously need to go check out Amazons Grand Tour the latest Boat Special and tell me what you see and the story about it and if there is any relation. You never know mate she might be famous Sir.
thiago lopes
thiago lopes - 20 dager siden
1:04 well, there's nothing to grab on to, better grab the sit than
1:32 grabs the sit so hard that it hurts the fingernails
Jean Dufresne
Jean Dufresne - 20 dager siden
8:35 That was a cool shot.
ChokoTB - 20 dager siden
In the outro - Is that a SUPRA?
Tyler 0
Tyler 0 - 20 dager siden
I remember watching all your videos in class back in highschool and I’m still watching and loving this shit keep it up my dudes
NeverOwned - 20 dager siden
That thing is wicked. Like everybody said, time for safety modifications.
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith - 20 dager siden
I’ve been a long long long time subscriber of u and a recent subscriber of maxwrist and his videos are insane! Such a great guy and I think it would be sick if you guy did some drag races against him and his nitrous bike!
gavin bullard
gavin bullard - 20 dager siden
Go to glamis you’ll love it there
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 - 20 dager siden
They're already planning a trip to Glamis, with Cleetus and the SXS Blog in October.
Yung Liquid
Yung Liquid - 21 dag siden
Oh god, just from the first pull i felt like i was in the passengers seat! Lmao I totally felt what that guy was feeling lowkey lolll
Willie Nelson
Willie Nelson - 21 dag siden
Love the video.
dave IIIBB
dave IIIBB - 21 dag siden
Let the the boiz to a milli ... Share share share
Borja Echevarria
Borja Echevarria - 21 dag siden
1:48 Guy had his life flash before him for a few seconds.
Chris Valenta
Chris Valenta - 21 dag siden
Y'all need to learn proper seat belt placement. Just a little heads up. I would hate to see one of you guys slide out from under the belts and have it take your head off.
jaydon r.
jaydon r. - 21 dag siden
Do a video with max wrist!!!!!
Brad sparks
Brad sparks - 21 dag siden
Restoring the her beck to her former glory
SlackerSteve2004 - 21 dag siden
saw u take Maxwrist bike for a ride, that was awesome dude
Stan Joseph
Stan Joseph - 21 dag siden
Buy a passenger T handle for a rzr and put it in. Holding on to the cage is bad news.
Matt Constantino
Matt Constantino - 21 dag siden
Definitely need to out a 2 step button on the steering wheel so you can hold it down when rolling up to a jump and you can get a boosted launch. Thing is going to be a whole other beast once you get that exhaust fixed also.
Francisco Quintero
Francisco Quintero - 21 dag siden
Shocks need some tuning. Specially the front ones.
Jaxen Stopka
Jaxen Stopka - 21 dag siden
Thing hauls😳
Graham Talsma
Graham Talsma - 21 dag siden
Dj Diddles
Dj Diddles - 21 dag siden
Please upgrade the roll cage, my family use to build these from scratch and would always roll them and they were never safe. My dad was sent to the hospital along woth my uncle after rolling the rail multiple times down the big as hill and the dunes.
pat cool
pat cool - 21 dag siden
Hey max wrist is out in Colorado he was wondering if he can meet up with y’all and do a video.
1983foxbody - 22 dager siden
MAXY whom is maxwrist gold is in town and wants to make a video with you guys. He's a crazy sport bike rider with mad skills. It would make a dope video.
Chris McNair
Chris McNair - 22 dager siden
You guys need helmets...big time! We want you around for a while
Daniel Gunion
Daniel Gunion - 22 dager siden
Put a little money into the suspension. But all in good time. The thing looks like a blast.