Turbo Minivan Makes Insane Power!

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Rowdyssey is crazier than ever
Runtime: 20:14


Tani Lopez
Tani Lopez - 29 dager siden
bro he gets on his laptop to tune and its a fucking wrap that shit turns into a rocket ship
John Seigo
John Seigo - 2 måneder siden
The Papa John's sign on the roof though! Hahaha🤣
Jimi. Mancilla
Jimi. Mancilla - 4 måneder siden
Hey Jeremy, Brent. Let's not kill his energy! Your sarcasm is coming through the screen 😂😒
William Davis
William Davis - 4 måneder siden
Your subscribed sheesh
William Davis
William Davis - 4 måneder siden
Sponsor my 18 golf tsi please!!!!!
William Davis
William Davis - 4 måneder siden
Put me on the block coach. I'll let you drive it. I know you'll make this car crazy 21thousand miles
Rwright_sk - 4 måneder siden
My favorite part “Brent what are you doing “ 🤣🤣🤣💪
diambo4life - 5 måneder siden
What turbo is in the minivan?
meteor545 - 5 måneder siden
I don’t watch these guys much, did he say it’s AWD now?
Raymond Leathers
Raymond Leathers - 5 måneder siden
You don’t need a stronger radiator cap what you need is stronger head studs. You’ll be putting head gaskets on it next week 100%
David Naran
David Naran - 5 måneder siden
I even have same mini van like your got 97 Honda does H22A just drop in end going say did you had too change the transmission
Andrew Gold
Andrew Gold - 5 måneder siden
Kids making messes...with badass shtick!
Dani Hunter
Dani Hunter - 5 måneder siden
R u guys going to take it 2 the track?
Ian skater14
Ian skater14 - 5 måneder siden
"i thought it was the drive shaft"
marcusablpn Pike
marcusablpn Pike - 5 måneder siden
Are there any stock automatic Honda transmission that can handle the hp?
marc st laurent
marc st laurent - 5 måneder siden
Awesome , made this old big block drag a k24 fan
Steven-o g
Steven-o g - 5 måneder siden
Boost @ sea level
BIGBUD LOVER - 5 måneder siden
My old 3000GT used a viscous coupler with it's AWD setup, not sure if that helps or not
BJ Jongejan
BJ Jongejan - 5 måneder siden
That thing kinda sounds like the hoonitruck when it's smacking the limiter 👀
Edit: well not really but it sounds cool regardless!
BJ Jongejan
BJ Jongejan - 5 måneder siden
That's nuts 😂 I bet were gonna see 1200hp on the near future
B20vtecturbo EK96HATCH423
B20vtecturbo EK96HATCH423 - 5 måneder siden
Nxt intake spacer like 12mm nut head or bolt head maybe 14mm you will see on intake
Gesny king
Gesny king - 5 måneder siden
Hey my friend I watch your video alot of time in I got a Mercedes Benz c230 kompressor 1999 under 100000 miles in I wanted to know you guys can help me with the car I love so let me know
BGEZ - 5 måneder siden
504 Boyz!!!! lol, loved that!
Patrick Lipsinic
Patrick Lipsinic - 5 måneder siden
He said dooty.
harold dymock
harold dymock - 5 måneder siden
Brent is the real joker 👹😈😈
Methods - 5 måneder siden
Jose Morales
Jose Morales - 5 måneder siden
Kyle: What are you doing Brent? What are your doing? LMFAO! The best videos on Youtube!
Kou X
Kou X - 5 måneder siden
Oh snap lol
Jose Morales
Jose Morales - 5 måneder siden
Brent is the man!!! I love his explantions, mastermind at work!!!!!
Jontebakhjul kautto
Jontebakhjul kautto - 5 måneder siden
Put 27paund psi let it rep to 900hp
Goodballa - 5 måneder siden
"Your pizza is delivered in less than a minute or it's free." - Papa
Doc Holiday
Doc Holiday - 5 måneder siden
arent the boosted boiz from colorado? can someone tell me
Franklin Gutierrez
Franklin Gutierrez - 5 måneder siden
The 2 mad scientists tuners coming together. I love this.
Chris J
Chris J - 5 måneder siden
Damn man I would love to take my kids to school in this monster
Michael Lesko
Michael Lesko - 5 måneder siden
The amount of expressions Kyle gives when driving his car is nuts. One minute he's like 😃 another minute he's like 😩
Jiggy Dreamz21
Jiggy Dreamz21 - 5 måneder siden
Boost a Ford Fusion 2007
Ross Jenkins
Ross Jenkins - 5 måneder siden
That moment you realize you own the same van...
Noah Reed
Noah Reed - 5 måneder siden
Gears are too small for that car lol
John Zardo
John Zardo - 5 måneder siden
Some how it’s romans fault lmao involves an oil filter
dannyb20 vtec
dannyb20 vtec - 5 måneder siden
She’s a ripper
B Yazzie
B Yazzie - 5 måneder siden
I love Brent laugh!!!! Sounds just like joker. No lies!