This Porsche Thought It Had a Chance Against Our Turbo Minivan

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Andy Morgan
Andy Morgan - 14 timer siden
All Subaru owners dream of having the ease of maintenance that hondaru has
stykyun - 2 dager siden
"you can't beat those Germans" .. My dads favorite thing to do in his old Volkswagon Transporter was beat any Porsche he lined up with away from the lights with reaction time and torque. They would always come flying past us after 60mph but those first few hundred feet with the front wheels barely scraping the ground were glorious.
It is always a good laugh seeing a confused Porsche owner struggling to keep up with an ancient mini van.
Mike The trucker
Mike The trucker - 4 dager siden
I want that Honda Odyssey Type S
He ire t4hather Stallings
He ire t4hather Stallings - 7 dager siden
Ferrari stickers on both sides lmao
gagacrazy10 - 7 dager siden
Wtf is up with the Ferrari emblem on a Porsche?
Supreme Yacht
Supreme Yacht - 10 dager siden
No one gonna talk about the Ferrari logo on a Porsche
Toto Merican
Toto Merican - 14 dager siden
Thing’s a sleepah!!!!
Crazy Magnet Fishing
Crazy Magnet Fishing - 15 dager siden
😂😂😂 That shut him up
Rank Greenwell
Rank Greenwell - 16 dager siden
To much talking not enough racing
wolfman450r - 16 dager siden
if you didn't know this by now

more stickers = more horsepower
4ampaul - 18 dager siden
Depending on what you can fit inside those wheels, you can do 04 RL single piston caliper brackets and rotors with your stock calipers. Adds .75" extra rotor to help with cooling. You can also use Genesis coupe Brembos and Nissan Rogue rotors. They also bolt right up to the knuckle but they might not fit those wheels
Just a Guy
Just a Guy - 24 dager siden
Would love to see rowdessy vs daily driven exotics cars
Cong N19
Cong N19 - 25 dager siden
The van think they look cool 😎 but pick one,every one pick the porches
Juice - 25 dager siden
What turbo is that
Ben Greene
Ben Greene - 26 dager siden
I found a 1986 toyota supra still in one piece in a scrapyard and it hurts
JOEYY See - 27 dager siden
This is proof that a honda can beat almost anything !! Once i beat an infiniti G sedan with my 99 civic and it was embarassing hes rwd and im fwd but still gapped him by a whole car .. driver mod .. it was just a built d16y8 head fully gutted with full bolt ons LOL dude wasnt expecting it
kaden Eck
kaden Eck - 28 dager siden
“You can’t beat those Germans”
We did.
Jeff Adams
Jeff Adams - 28 dager siden
Reaction videos with girls in tiny bikinis
Joesiah Arballo
Joesiah Arballo - 28 dager siden
Mini van:what's the retail on one of those Porsche:more then you can afford pal
LexusVIP 400
LexusVIP 400 - 28 dager siden
When my family asked me what I wanted to do with my life, it was basically this. 😂
F165 - 29 dager siden
I was afraid to leave gay comments. Then I found out this guy is 40 years old without hair on his face.
Iam Inyashed
Iam Inyashed - Måned siden
Hey guys love the build do you guys use mainly AEM electronics on all your builds?
That's actually a pretty decent advertising ploy.....Pay Brent to tune and dyno your car and you'll get a chance to race the Roudyssey !!!
Deville Wright
Deville Wright - Måned siden
Should’ve just bought a boosted mini van
Jason - Måned siden
Aye humpty playing in the background
SHAZOM - Måned siden
Ferrari logo on a Porsche !
mad max
mad max - Måned siden
That mini van is epic ass fuck
Daniel Baker
Daniel Baker - Måned siden
That flipped bill takes me back to a different decade.
AdamosDad - Måned siden
The van " I get no respect!"
Ash Fered
Ash Fered - Måned siden
Wassup with bros duck lip hat?
Chuck Wu
Chuck Wu - Måned siden
The Ferrari sticker.
Nid Styles
Nid Styles - Måned siden
Sure, but he has a Porsche. He can turn.
John Borja
John Borja - Måned siden
Look at video title, then jump to 2:31
Poth94 - Måned siden
I see there's a lot of space in the back of the minivan.
wnough for a big V12 and at least 12 Turbos
David Sawyer
David Sawyer - Måned siden
Be that as it may. How many women would be drawn to the van. 0%. Soccer Mom's drive vans because they need to. They want a Porsche.
woncho1 - Måned siden
A well tune car can beat a car costing 10 times more!
M F - Måned siden
How many Hp?
Dwight Schuette
Dwight Schuette - Måned siden
That is sick.
Mc Donalds
Mc Donalds - Måned siden
This whole video is a few seconds of talking followed by awkward laughing, all in between super cool cars tearing it up
Timothy Provost
Timothy Provost - Måned siden
Prancing horse sticker on a Porsche? Okay...