This Grocery Getter Would Give Rowdyssey a Run For It's Money

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David Bower
David Bower - 10 dager siden
Better do both sides
Scott Mcchesney
Scott Mcchesney - Måned siden
yo kyle whats going on with all them hondas in the back behind you i'm looking for a good shelli
RMP 376
RMP 376 - Måned siden
You gonna another video with leslie?
Superior Lawn Care
Superior Lawn Care - Måned siden
Race the two. That lsx can beat a ton of cars with no weight
Cody S
Cody S - Måned siden
@firepunk diesel crew for sleeper racing
Rob Singleton
Rob Singleton - Måned siden
Jimmie Deinoff
Jimmie Deinoff - Måned siden
time to get some boost going
Dilly vidz
Dilly vidz - Måned siden
I have a 1997 GMC Sierra. 6.0 turbo and I’m in Denver too
jack hardy
jack hardy - Måned siden
That thing will dust you shit box mini van
Benny Me
Benny Me - Måned siden
5:34 I can smell this part of the video
Ian Miller
Ian Miller - Måned siden
"A couple days longer than expected." Lol yep.Even worse witth Mazdas tho. Can;t wait to get mine running
Ian Miller
Ian Miller - Måned siden
Dude I fought my engine mounts in my mazdaspeed6. for 3 fucking hours doing an engine swap in the parking lot of my apartment complex. a lift wouldve made it so easy
Slick Mike
Slick Mike - Måned siden
Stop being clowns. You know this would slap the rowdyssey
Wilson Cardoza
Wilson Cardoza - Måned siden
If cleetus and Trevor from motion auto
had a child.
Leon Charite
Leon Charite - Måned siden
Take your boot lid off make working on it a joy ;)
smash510 - Måned siden
those solid motor mounts dang that thing is gonna do a backflip off the line 🤣👊
Rippin_6.o - Måned siden
Sleepover 2021
Joejoe Welch
Joejoe Welch - Måned siden
I wanna see the Escalade race Ruby or Leroy that would be sick
Jduhon - Måned siden
Slumber Party 🤘🏻
tyler Schmitt
tyler Schmitt - Måned siden
Patiently waiting for the next video to drop... the mr2 is for sure running right now!
DATDAMMEXICAN 830 -512 - Måned siden
This will be a good one I seen the van ran with boostedbois n I love the idea glad to see them put it through some shit lol and to race the Escalade
Sami EUSUFZAI - Måned siden
a stabilizer link/lateral link/torque strut would resolve the issue.
Mattias Jansson
Mattias Jansson - Måned siden
i dont think that is correct to cert a double main hope
G_Force - Måned siden
Anyone else get unsubscribed ? I was wondering why no videos went to the sub page and it had kicked off
Anthony Kelly
Anthony Kelly - Måned siden
am i tripping or does the video sound sped up
Numinous - Måned siden
So his name is Mitchell, he's very tall, and he's running an LSX. I seem to remember another very tall individual, Garrett Mitchell, who also runs an LSX (a few, actually). You've got a doppleganger, Cleetus XD
Bill Cutlip
Bill Cutlip - Måned siden
Does the MR2 have a torque strap bolted somewhere to the block? Or do the mounts at either end carry all the load?
John Salary
John Salary - Måned siden
Alright keep playing yall gonna get gap. I saw you when yall was dyno it you in the bk ground talking sizing up that exsclade. Bad mind thought just be his friend please just be his friend. GM Ls FTW.
Luciano Foust
Luciano Foust - Måned siden
subtitles in spanish please 😭🇦🇷🚘
Eric Ramirez
Eric Ramirez - Måned siden
Just seen tht caddy on i20 today coming home from work. Passing through Odessa tx! Badass ride caught my eye real quick!
Jason Heller
Jason Heller - Måned siden
All the structural work on that mount= more great man...should help a ton with the feel of the car and throttle far as throttle to squat ratio...or
Josh Aubrey
Josh Aubrey - Måned siden
I fast forward when Kyle starts blabbing to the camera.. 🙄
Ten Ninecraft
Ten Ninecraft - Måned siden
Moon tune rowdessey
Brody Bowen
Brody Bowen - Måned siden
I just disliked my first boosted Boiz video in 3 years ever! But IM ALLOWED TO BECAUSE I BUY MERCH!
Brody Bowen
Brody Bowen - Måned siden
That transmission is so nice bro. People don’t get those things are $5,000-$15,000
Maurice-Mores - Måned siden
Where's Emilio though :|
Alex Nava
Alex Nava - Måned siden
Till this day ive been looking for a oddessy
mookie wilson
mookie wilson - Måned siden
dont hate on kyle, they are all a nice team over there in Colorado. fir a better perspective of the soccer mom cars banter please see the caddys owners video himself about 4:20 mark.
Rolf Hagen
Rolf Hagen - Måned siden
This guy gives me the ''Nicolas Cage - gone in 60 seconds'' kinda vibe! He's done a great job on the car too!
23 s14
23 s14 - Måned siden
My bolt on mustang would smoke this .