The Rowdyssey Hits The Dyno! (First Time Seeing Boost)

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Not bad for wastegate
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crutksdub - 4 måneder siden
Damn! When did the van go K series? I’ve been slacking....I need to binge watch now 😃
Adam Fields
Adam Fields - 5 måneder siden
You could make a shift knob that bends back. Just a thought.
Tony Lester
Tony Lester - 5 måneder siden
I had a chevy cavalier that had an alternator do the same thing as yours... It ended up having bad brushes. You could rev it up and it was fine until you turned it off. Maybe try a new alternator.
Clayton Watkins
Clayton Watkins - 5 måneder siden
Love you guys. So nice to see Brent so happy and excited
Yeet master Gaming
Yeet master Gaming - 5 måneder siden
Nice, great videos and I wish you guys the best. Although, I would like to see child seats in the back....just for the look...
Polo Built
Polo Built - 5 måneder siden
try replacing the battery had the same issue with my car with a newer battery
JustPerformance - 5 måneder siden
Did you guys notice the clock dimming as you did the 2 step?
gustavo hernandez
gustavo hernandez - 5 måneder siden
contents not the same without the red hatch
Rudy Ramirez
Rudy Ramirez - 5 måneder siden
You should build a AWD first gen crv
Kickboxerkiller66 - 5 måneder siden
“Omg !! “- Orion girl voice “
Daddy Fku
Daddy Fku - 5 måneder siden
Is that vacum to wastegate on the top? ive always used the bottom port if no solenoid being used...
Wayne Miller
Wayne Miller - 5 måneder siden
You guys just soup up any car you find a minivan what's next lol
Wayne Miller
Wayne Miller - 5 måneder siden
Let me teach you ladies a thing or two put some diesel in there and that will get you 20 extra horsepower trust melol
Fred C
Fred C - 5 måneder siden
We dont have this and we dont have that and we will be here in Florida for a while but today's the only day the dynos open so let me hurry up in typical Kyle fashion and throw another half complete build up on there just to do it.
Gratz1333 - 5 måneder siden
subaru should have came with a K24 from the factory
Ranma Saotome
Ranma Saotome - 5 måneder siden
Fat Four Customs
Robin - 5 måneder siden
Remove that small cover on the turbo and make some nois with that big boy! :)
abdul aziz afridi
abdul aziz afridi - 5 måneder siden
why is leroy sitting in the back
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 - 5 måneder siden
Because they're at Cleetus' shop.
CorwinINaDSM - 5 måneder siden
Love the sound with the 3y headers and 4' exhaust.
CorwinINaDSM - 5 måneder siden
That head FLOWS. Good job guys. So far looks like I'm eating crow on the turbo being too big.
john martin
john martin - 5 måneder siden
NEXT VIDEO: Beast Vs Beast Ronda Rousey test drives the Honda rowdyssey.
manolooo1 - 5 måneder siden
Next build Kyle “Bluetooth wireless shifter”
RecreationAutomotive Garage
RecreationAutomotive Garage - 5 måneder siden
That guy with the remote hahaha
Lewis Gustave
Lewis Gustave - 5 måneder siden
I'd lose that papa John's logo before they claim some bullshit copyright
Chey - 5 måneder siden
I think I’m going to K swap my firebird..
No name
No name - 5 måneder siden
Put a stainless Steel Wire Mesh on the turbo...
Brandon Rodriguez
Brandon Rodriguez - 5 måneder siden
my friend
my friend - 5 måneder siden
Rowdessey is nuts🤟🏾
Yeah Nahyeah
Yeah Nahyeah - 5 måneder siden
Air temp influences timing and cam changes... change which you are trying to do. If it has no air temp sender computer gets confused and plays it safe and gives you 0
Aaron Romero
Aaron Romero - 5 måneder siden
So sick turbo looks way bigger then the engine goodluck
Jose Rotary
Jose Rotary - 5 måneder siden
Awesome, baby pull lol.💯👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Brendan Klahn
Brendan Klahn - 5 måneder siden
I’m so glad you know about Honda’s ignition cutting flame thrower
Julius Pasion
Julius Pasion - 5 måneder siden
Deng boiz I can;t wait to see more of this build! Hoping to get my build on my channel be at that level! Airruner x Airlift x T-Demand x SSR
jj801SLC - 5 måneder siden
That driveline is longer than this quarantine.
j Kenn
j Kenn - 5 måneder siden
All that money for 400hp
milli_cam A_milli Product
milli_cam A_milli Product - 5 måneder siden
You need a xs battery
Sherky - 5 måneder siden
Dam James is one of smartest Mechanic on YouTube
Sherky - 5 måneder siden
I love Rowdyssy but,
BisiMoto Van > #Rowdyssy
Sherky - 5 måneder siden
Hahaha it's now a Papa John's Delivery Van!! #PapaRowdyssy
Justin Vogel
Justin Vogel - 5 måneder siden
U didn't like or subscribe to the channel lol