The New 1200+Hp Engine For The Mr2!

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Runtime: 20:40


lau che
lau che - 7 dager siden
What cams you got?
Brady Arnold
Brady Arnold - 25 dager siden
Quick question after Kyle mentioned the piston, when you deck the block or head do you have to account for the difference in height somehow or just have to realize how much you take off so you don’t increase compression? Or is it so little material that it doesn’t matter?
murat seyithaliloglu
murat seyithaliloglu - Måned siden
I have an old car, I would like to strengthen the engine in it, what parts should I replace?
Please help, I need your information
large piston, thick piston rods, large crankshaft
is it enough to power the engine
Tyler c
Tyler c - Måned siden
After all that $ on top of the line parts and u put a stock crank in it and reusing head studs
Steven hill
Steven hill - Måned siden
Wtf do these guys do to make money buying all this expensive ass racing shit! I'm jealous af.... lol
Jared THISDELLE - Måned siden
Who in the hell says the build slow cars and they have a van that does 11.08 that's awd .9.0 mr2 10.0 civic oh and the 1000 hp lude 4 race cars vs the guy that says there slow with his one town and country dodge caravan 🤣😅🤣😅🤣
Thomas Lewis
Thomas Lewis - Måned siden
ChokoTB - Måned siden
Waiting for you to give Sketchy a ride of his life in the Rowdyssey! 😄
Dreads N Drags
Dreads N Drags - Måned siden
is his sholder sore from katertot lol
philipp594 - Måned siden
I guessed aluminium ... you wouldn't have risked dropping titanium and having it crack.
amber hunter
amber hunter - Måned siden
The lower rpm for a while 8700
Explocify - Måned siden
You got this Kyle! You will beat that record and no matter what you will keep beating the record
IContext - Måned siden
Turn the engine counter clockwise for safer wheelies
Russell B
Russell B - Måned siden
Moon Tune ........... More like to Saturn and back tune .
apex male
apex male - Måned siden
Can you guys help me find parts for an f22b1 i can’t find shit for stage 2 an 3 parts
Soill Garage
Soill Garage - Måned siden
Try tri state motorsports for your head gasket
lars kristensen
lars kristensen - Måned siden
nice.. gonna be riding that grenade with style :)
Jeremy Chidester
Jeremy Chidester - Måned siden
When this engine build is done could we get a parts list? 👀
Amir Pomen
Amir Pomen - Måned siden
The more u upgrade the engine, the narrower its operating range...
There goes cold start rev, or heavy pull untill coolant and oil temp over 85degree C...
No more rev limiter banging like u meant it and such
Scott Nicklin
Scott Nicklin - Måned siden
If this comment gets 1000 likes will Jamie please shave that pony tail off his chin. Thanks
Aaron Rech
Aaron Rech - Måned siden
cheeky shot of the j series in the s14
Mickey White
Mickey White - Måned siden
I cant wait for the MR2 to be track ready !!!! My fav car out of the bunch! The first time it made 1000hp on the dyno that video is awesome! Watch it if you haven't! Brent moon tuned it and Kyle was trying to keep it under 800! Anyway can't wait for the passes to come!
Chester McGillicuddy
Chester McGillicuddy - Måned siden
Helping out Sketchy Vert is a serious solid! EVERYONE at PFI Speed are awesome! Shout out to Jamie for identifying and offering to help! He's the shit!
Beau Hanke
Beau Hanke - Måned siden
So real question here... why not an aluminum crank?
tjr730 - Måned siden
Is Emilio the one that totaled Jeremy’s K-ter Tot?
Chad D'amico
Chad D'amico - Måned siden
Yo bud have you found a sufficient axel to handle that power?
2BROSturbos - Måned siden
Going to be #1
Joey Jet
Joey Jet - Måned siden
How much can we get it for$$$?
Le Gloin
Le Gloin - Måned siden
lol Traum thats german for dream :)
UsagiMoto - Måned siden
Go 2GR turbo
Jay Fernandez
Jay Fernandez - Måned siden
What's PFI stand for? Just curious
John Conner
John Conner - Måned siden
Nitro mr2!!!!!!!!
Danny Ende
Danny Ende - Måned siden
Sketchy should build a honda with pfi and the boostedboiz on his channel! I would like to see a sketchy K
Casey Hayes
Casey Hayes - Måned siden
Man don’t let them youtube comments get to you, your guy’s achievements amaze me and inspire me to do my own drag car stuff. Keep on keepin on guys!
Carlos Reyes
Carlos Reyes - Måned siden
Og Sketch!
Mikel Ellsaesser
Mikel Ellsaesser - Måned siden
Now U'll have to get wheely bars on the mr2 now. Or can even be able to put them on. Do u have to get a different license to drag race with them. Just wondering.
aXBlackDeathXa - Måned siden
Pretty sick setup. You may want to head back over to the storage unit and stand all those other cranks up 😜
Rick Scott
Rick Scott - Måned siden
I agree with Christopher Warnecke, they are. Looks like you're going all out on this build, and I'm sure it's going to be amazing and a new moon tune to follow. Oops, started to comment before the end and then I heard Kyle say how people have probably forgotten what the MR-2 has accomplished, to which I reply, "I haven't" and I can't wait to see what's in its future. Hell yeah !😎
M3 G
M3 G - Måned siden
how long will this engine last with 1200 hp ?
looks very nice
Non-Binary Jesus
Non-Binary Jesus - Måned siden
I can't wait til they blow it up