The Mr2 Tried To Take On Leroy

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MrDavidelliottjr - 22 dager siden
Oh look. My exhaust is louder thsn yours. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 kids
saalih Creighton
saalih Creighton - Måned siden
Look at he's face when the car pulls
Matthew Carter
Matthew Carter - Måned siden
I had my stock 1998 grand prix gtp going 268 kms in 15.67 seconds
murat seyithaliloglu
murat seyithaliloglu - Måned siden
How do you build powerful engines?What new parts do you install for your engine?
Leng Lor
Leng Lor - Måned siden
Carbon fiber doors, fenders, hood, trunk, mirrors, light weight windows, take out the sub frame and use lighter metal subframe
Braden Presley
Braden Presley - Måned siden
has Austin p Ik
Santoz Hernandez
Santoz Hernandez - 2 måneder siden
Come out to houston again!!!!👌💯🙌🤘🤘🤘🤘🙏⛽🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
edwin van oers
edwin van oers - 2 måneder siden
the mr2 in the half mile. i shure like to see her run
Jonathan Whoever
Jonathan Whoever - 2 måneder siden
From side you really see how hard Leroy pulls.
Leonardo Luga
Leonardo Luga - 3 måneder siden
Leonardo Luga
Leonardo Luga - 3 måneder siden
Dalton - 3 måneder siden
I had to pause this when Leroy and kyle lined up before the race. I love leroy but imo hes not even in the same category. Like he has to take off everything that makes a car a CAR. It's a motor with wheels and roll cage. Smh might as well be a funny car lol
dexd75 ziltch
dexd75 ziltch - 5 måneder siden
The car is good what you should catch up on now is you shifting. you need to get practice on that
dexd75 ziltch
dexd75 ziltch - 5 måneder siden
Yo guy with the Mr2 you can't break 8s cause you shift way too early
You need to shift at the limiter bro
Kian yu Pang
Kian yu Pang - 5 måneder siden
this car is a beast
Blah Blah
Blah Blah - 5 måneder siden
Ask leroy about red Demond. 😂😂 he wont be forgetting that car for a long time!
modified country 785
modified country 785 - 6 måneder siden
Do Americans not knw if u hit the wall in a burnout comp your automatically disqualified
untouchable Musseb
untouchable Musseb - 6 måneder siden
Mr2 is fire man
Rusty - 6 måneder siden
that thing is fucking bad ass
𖤐wuut.cambuur𖤐 - 6 måneder siden
Bro you almost took off too the moon 🌝
The Dog Runner
The Dog Runner - 6 måneder siden
All hands on ears.
Supreme Media
Supreme Media - 6 måneder siden
Back up terry 😂
Jeffey Mater
Jeffey Mater - 6 måneder siden
Need two k series in the mr2 now. Or just one real engine. In the front. Time for mustang/camaro build
james matteuzzi
james matteuzzi - 6 måneder siden
I've seen a couple of your vids recently, thoroughly enjoying them. Would love to see a DSM build but you guys
Dakota Shireman
Dakota Shireman - 7 måneder siden
Eyes WIDE open lol
Daniel Sechko
Daniel Sechko - 7 måneder siden
It’s like a CSR2 boss race where Cleetus is the boss
daniel sanders
daniel sanders - 7 måneder siden
85 mazda glc sedan for sale. 8k great condition. Check offee up stuff for it
Parabellum - 7 måneder siden
Good to see even with a sequential Kyle still misses 3rd LOOOOOOL
Anna Czarnecka
Anna Czarnecka - 7 måneder siden
The boys talking about we and us, Kyle talking about me me and my wheelie....
Phillip DeLong
Phillip DeLong - 7 måneder siden
the strip / Milwaukee WI car scene
Hey bud.....I know this random and idk if ur going to see this but....Going through a ton of mental problems...... In the last couple months I was diagnosed with PTSD bipolar depression severe social anxiety and slight schizophrenia.....
Days that are rough or I have a panic attack which is almost all the time....I take my phone and watch your channel/clips.....I know we don't know each other and ur extremely busy..but just want to say thank you for nd the boosted Boyz team Bret and all the guys at pfi...also cleatus coop and James over at the McFarlane garage help me to calm down and distracted...if you could I would love a shout out if understanding .... But been watch since ur first YouTube clips
From the bottom of my heart I thank you for everything you have gotten me out a dark place eventho I still have Shadow days that's what I called them I do my best.....
Caynn Fittler
Caynn Fittler - 7 måneder siden
Cleet has to throw slicks on that tiny van
Caynn Fittler
Caynn Fittler - 7 måneder siden
I wanna see what et and 60 it runs
Adam Osborn
Adam Osborn - 7 måneder siden
You should leave your launch controll up and put wheelie bars on so it cant wheelie that mr2 would be a force to be recond with
MrDBTG - 7 måneder siden
Those flashing lights when he's driving....
Kurt Sumthinorother
Kurt Sumthinorother - 7 måneder siden
Awesome show guys!!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Kurt Sumthinorother
Kurt Sumthinorother - 7 måneder siden
Short shifting?
Greg Williams
Greg Williams - 7 måneder siden
At 164 your capable of 8.20's LOL
You have to run through them gears all the way.
Jimmy St-Jean
Jimmy St-Jean - 7 måneder siden
Now that's a Mustang 🤣
codalove - 7 måneder siden
I trust Kyle on a scooter. In person. He's fucking way too good at it. 😅
Ricky bossman
Ricky bossman - 7 måneder siden
Put a 2 speed glide in the mr2 it would be so much smoother