The Most EPIC DAY Of Racing We've EVER Had!

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Runtime: 42:14


Frank Velasco
Frank Velasco - 2 dager siden
What happened !?!? @8:44
The red car was totaled. Any back story ??
Ramon Martinez
Ramon Martinez - 3 dager siden
Seeing the rowdyssey eat make me want to work on my Element and get it eatin too
markcozzie - 8 dager siden
19:20 wow bouncing off the limiter, epic driver error, kyle the money shifter,brent with bouncing the limiter 😭👎😭 can't change gear for 💩💩💩..
markcozzie - 8 dager siden
17:40 that's why ya all having issues with heads on hondaru, bouncing it off the limiter 👎 epic driver error 👎😭👏
1trucavalier - 10 dager siden
Congratulations 🍾
Acura RL
Acura RL - 11 dager siden
Losing lot shifting late
AKASPEEDY cubley - 16 dager siden
Great content 👍
Random Racer
Random Racer - 18 dager siden
lowbxxst - 18 dager siden
we need some spark plugs duude lmaooo nice boiz
Reccallo TimTom
Reccallo TimTom - 19 dager siden
Junior the tuner
Junior the tuner - 23 dager siden
Been watching yall for yearzzzzz
mrmasterplaster999 - 23 dager siden
Hondaru is a nail
Drop a Gear and Disappear
Drop a Gear and Disappear - 24 dager siden
Lol now I see why cleet sold the c8
James Carlson
James Carlson - 24 dager siden
That was an amazing time I was there both days
Dragz Entertainment
Dragz Entertainment - 25 dager siden
lol why tell us what you’re doing in the video at the beginning just start it😂
Bowtie Enthusiast
Bowtie Enthusiast - 27 dager siden
39:00 Brent is the best 🤣
frien234 - 28 dager siden
Would like to see you smoke a Ferrari or Ghini sometime
GermanPlayer - Måned siden
29:53 that's why you use a turbo guard
Stark - Måned siden
6:50 "its kinda Goofy" Goofy walks away*
Paul Saunders
Paul Saunders - Måned siden
Kyle,,,,ur dread....u need some badass taillights or stickers for all them losers who like looking at ya rear end...I see Cheetos got beat and left track fast
murat seyithaliloglu
murat seyithaliloglu - Måned siden
What parts need to be changed to make such powerful motors
I have an old car. I want to strengthen it.
Polska Warszawa...
Randy Ellis
Randy Ellis - Måned siden
Brent brings the hype seems like a super fun dude
j chuck
j chuck - Måned siden
Jaime need a civic !!!!! A all wheele drive civic ! New project for PFI
McHappyBallz CRX
McHappyBallz CRX - Måned siden
Has a sequential still shifts like shit lol
Puder McGavin
Puder McGavin - Måned siden
This video makes me think about South Park a d Cartman saying fuck you Kyle!
Ramon Ruiz
Ramon Ruiz - Måned siden
Kyle why do you race with the rear windows down?
BOOMER9551 - Måned siden
Boost a 01 Honda Accord stock block
Mike White
Mike White - Måned siden
Cleetus "I gotta go find something slow to race" lol
Mike White
Mike White - Måned siden
When a 2000 dollar minivan smokes any muscle car, makes you wonder what muscle car companies are still doing wrong.. they haven't built a good 4 cylinder or turbo by since the Pontiac gnx and typhoons
Zac Booth
Zac Booth - Måned siden
Boostedboiz need to line the rowdessy up with Bisimoto's 1000Hp mini van 🤘
BB6WhiteDiamond - Måned siden
that cadi at 8:45 tho
Nate 1775
Nate 1775 - Måned siden
Rowdassy handed Gapplebbes cards the whole weekend.
SirEuchre - Måned siden
The BoostedBoiz mantra: "We had him!"
Tony Gbaya
Tony Gbaya - Måned siden
I guess it doesn't matter what you do to your Honda. The beeping noise because you left your key inside the ignition is staying.
libam p
libam p - Måned siden
Smh... I was smiling the whole video. This was epic just watching. Awesome video.
Chris Morgan
Chris Morgan - Måned siden
Freaking great video and maintained the great spirit of fun, fair play and community throughout.
Alex Elrod
Alex Elrod - Måned siden
Yall need those air filters that ol smokey runs, the air airraid race filter
Aido Wilson
Aido Wilson - Måned siden
Sweet races man, that was cool. The van is looking and going exactly how i pictured it to be. Awesome.
Mizi Rahim
Mizi Rahim - Måned siden
Juan Cruz Sosa
Juan Cruz Sosa - Måned siden
Boosted boiz minivan coming soon on “the fastest car” next season no doubt