The Minivan Is Getting One Of the Craziest Turbo Manifolds We've Ever Seen!

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This Manifold came out so good! Huge thanks to Hayden for helping out with it. Be sure to go give him a follow -
Runtime: 23:46


Shared Knowledge
Shared Knowledge - Måned siden
Hayden is an artist. You all collectively are an amazing synergy of talent and make stuff happen few can match.
cntsles fabrication
cntsles fabrication - 3 måneder siden
Hardens face was priceless when Emilio "threatened to make him redo it if it didn't sound right" LMFAO
David Kershaw
David Kershaw - 4 måneder siden
what engine is it
Mark Flynn
Mark Flynn - 4 måneder siden
The Weld Wizard.
Paul Rodrigues
Paul Rodrigues - 4 måneder siden
"Tri Again"
Mellonpopr - 4 måneder siden
call the manifold Groot
Khoa Newwen
Khoa Newwen - 5 måneder siden
That’s an artwork
TimTV - 5 måneder siden
Did Hayden stop doing metigulous as his full time gig?
mountain page production's
mountain page production's - 5 måneder siden
Call that header madusa
Eugene Van Rooyen
Eugene Van Rooyen - 5 måneder siden
Hi guys, I want to know please what grade of ss & what gauge Hayden used on this header? Please will help me a lot. Thanks guys 🙏
Carlos Rivera
Carlos Rivera - 5 måneder siden
really late to this but if it has been said, the Kraken, but that has K in it so it is easy. I like the Chimera but make it a Kimera so it has that K aesthetic to it
Jacob Fleischer
Jacob Fleischer - 5 måneder siden
The Kraken manifold
Joe Cangialose
Joe Cangialose - 5 måneder siden
That third runner looks like a perfect 90 degree angle. I'd call it "The Square "
Vinko Franicic
Vinko Franicic - 5 måneder siden
Are the pipes equal length?
And why does it look like one pipe is like a cone at one bit?
No doubt it'll perform, but still...
Victor Tavano
Victor Tavano - 5 måneder siden
Hayden you make it look easy! Also looks like a art you have great skills nice work!
robsfooty - 5 måneder siden
Unreal. Loving the content Kyle. Insane work Hayden.
Thomas Meade
Thomas Meade - 5 måneder siden
Man I love your stuff you guys dont do what other people are doing you make crazy oddballs
James Wyllie
James Wyllie - 5 måneder siden
Big boi turbo legit manifold Hayden
Geoffrey Gay
Geoffrey Gay - 5 måneder siden
Man some of Cooper's sauce would go great with Kyle's spaghetti arms!
xavier valles
xavier valles - 5 måneder siden
The kraken !!
Marvin Gaines
Marvin Gaines - 6 måneder siden
looks like THE CROWSFOOT
Daniel Wilson
Daniel Wilson - 6 måneder siden
Call the manifold TREE OF LIFE
Rowe performance
Rowe performance - 6 måneder siden
DaLaw - 6 måneder siden
The Covid-19 Manifold. At least something good has happened in this pandemic
Angelo Narcise
Angelo Narcise - 6 måneder siden
Odysseya later
Cody Billow
Cody Billow - 6 måneder siden
Name the manifold groot!
Jan Bildsøe Hansen
Jan Bildsøe Hansen - 6 måneder siden
Call it Hekla tubs the manifold :D like the icelandic volcano
Leo Nogueda
Leo Nogueda - 6 måneder siden
Honestly looks like an eagle head 🦅 even the beak is a yellow-ish color needs a name like the eagle beak manifold 🤔🤷🏽‍♂️
Leo Nogueda
Leo Nogueda - 6 måneder siden
@ 8:02 and 8:15 👀👀🦅
Laid-Back Garage
Laid-Back Garage - 6 måneder siden
Madusa's cousin, Cthulhu
connie kahl
connie kahl - 6 måneder siden
Jaw Drop! Peace
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy - 6 måneder siden
The manifold is “ The RowdyTree”. Just going either the theme.
Brad Bradshaw
Brad Bradshaw - 6 måneder siden
So on this type of manifold does the exhaust pipes not need to be all the same size like a 421 collector like the the number 1 exhaust pipe is a lot shorter than number 4 exhaust pipe so I'm guessing cylinder 1 will have more back pressure than number 4
Driven Thoughts
Driven Thoughts - 6 måneder siden
call it "The Kraken"
Audio Tapp
Audio Tapp - 6 måneder siden
The Kraken
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy - 6 måneder siden
The "Rowdusa"
nick payne
nick payne - 6 måneder siden
Turn the first 2 y pipes 90 degrees so you save some height.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou - 6 måneder siden
Hayden is a magician! Beautiful work! He should be proud of that piece of art!
Jordan Martz
Jordan Martz - 6 måneder siden
Hayden skills (thumbs up)
zfreak280 - 6 måneder siden
Equal length is more important in turbo applications.
Mike Frey
Mike Frey - 6 måneder siden
FFOP... Four fingers of power (manifold)
Timmy H
Timmy H - 6 måneder siden
A tri y header helps to build more torque? I'm thinking?🤔🍻