The Hatch Returns To The Track After Sitting For More Than a Year!

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Nid Styles
Nid Styles - 27 dager siden
Your custom bolt you already made a video about fell out after some random you don't know worked on your car.
You need to think more man.
Ken Ramos
Ken Ramos - Måned siden
You should buy bucket seats for it
HondaBoi Doogie
HondaBoi Doogie - Måned siden
Fully built H hatch????
BankBoii Active4x
BankBoii Active4x - Måned siden
Ong all the og's subscribers missed that car
Elijah Pajarillo
Elijah Pajarillo - Måned siden
I just realized we have the same seats on my eg
But where was BoostedBae
thethe272 - Måned siden
Who's the guy with the bb6 prelude? I'm trying to do something similar like his set up and have some questions.Anyone know if he has a Instagram?
Jani Poutanen
Jani Poutanen - Måned siden
Lol at his WTF face after succesfull 3rd gear shift 😁
Anthony Delgado
Anthony Delgado - Måned siden
Cheap ass buy a good battery!!!
that ek dude
that ek dude - Måned siden
Wouldn't be the hatch if something wasn't missing from it lol
Manases Duran
Manases Duran - Måned siden
Missed the hatch 🤩
Muamin Hugsy
Muamin Hugsy - 2 måneder siden
What turbo is on the hatch? Ik it's some eBay one but is it like a GT35 bush bearing or something?
boostismagic - 2 måneder siden
They have RV's now? Damn, I've been away too long.
Itr 1244
Itr 1244 - 2 måneder siden
is it "hatch" back at the track or
Hatchback at the track ? LOL
Wyatt Shelton
Wyatt Shelton - 2 måneder siden
So was the hatch rippin dude
The- beast2334
The- beast2334 - 2 måneder siden
Yes missed this car straight up is one of my favs. watching your old videos to now shows how far youve all come. I love the hatch hope to see more passes
Charlie Ward
Charlie Ward - 2 måneder siden
oh come on kyle... xD
Lezly - 2 måneder siden
Please dont ever K swap the hatch, that og engine is such a ripper 😄🤙🏼
LatinoAD - 2 måneder siden
I am a OG subscriber since less than 20k subscribers. Me and my buddies miss the hatch and love the watch also prefer content of the hatch over the mr2, and minivan. Hatch has more potential to go faster than the mr2 and minivan
SmokinMayhem1 - 2 måneder siden
Love the h series in the hatch fuck those k setups always breaking down
vicrsx - 2 måneder siden
I think the time has come to make the Hatch 🐣 an awd monster!!! New cage new motor build with awd system would make it something no one would really want to mess with.... and fun!
Rune Andre Bergtun
Rune Andre Bergtun - 2 måneder siden
Idk what was more impressive the hatch or Brents
Jannigan - 2 måneder siden
man you need to run the hatch again more often all your cars are bad ass but this car is always the staple of your channel!
D-Visuals - 2 måneder siden
7:05 wtf, he hit third gear without first missing it completely. Nice!
Horizon Legend
Horizon Legend - 2 måneder siden
Twiss Racing
Twiss Racing - 2 måneder siden
noxious89123 - 2 måneder siden
That helmet does not fit you properly *at all*. It's supposed to be a waaay closer fit than that.
SuperOMARKO - 2 måneder siden
It's like watching 'Back to the future'!
Vitaliy Klapa
Vitaliy Klapa - 2 måneder siden
you are comfortable driving in these seats?
Daze Music
Daze Music - 2 måneder siden
i bet ill hit the gears no problem
Luis Vega
Luis Vega - 2 måneder siden
1,367,997 times he said dude. 😂😂😂
Joseph Montoya
Joseph Montoya - 2 måneder siden
Give up stay home and stop getting cheap parts
Josh Wilson
Josh Wilson - 2 måneder siden
I had a 93 Integra with a fully built GSR B18C I might add not the American Gsr block fully built Type R head Ferra everything and I couldn't kill that motor and I drove the wheels off of it every day in the mornings leaving for work my cousin could hear me roasting the tires off and bouncing off the rev limiter and he lived probably 5 miles away and I would come down Us1in North Carolina 140-150 every day and did that for five years with that set up
Daniel Henry
Daniel Henry - 2 måneder siden
Give the hatch some love and give it a makeover like Emilio did for hondaru please!!??
Jon Heinemann
Jon Heinemann - 2 måneder siden
Where's Vikki
Brad - 2 måneder siden
The OG hatch, we missed her.
C J - 2 måneder siden
More doods that a rudnik video! Love it kyle
Royal Indigo
Royal Indigo - 2 måneder siden
Keep it an H series
Dionisis kougiou
Dionisis kougiou - 2 måneder siden
The good old recipe
Red hot hatch👍👍
james whiteman
james whiteman - 2 måneder siden
Brent's hair is nearly back already... Seems like yesterday he got it cut off....great job Kyle...
Loved the" we will see how she goes"
We'll see how she goes bit.....pure funny