The Hatch Is Officially Going AWD! First Piece Of The Puzzle

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Péter - 6 dager siden
Az a lada hang nagyon adja :D
Amv Guy
Amv Guy - 7 dager siden
We want to see civic not mr2
Amv Guy
Amv Guy - 7 dager siden
Yeeeees CIVIC is back
S M - 8 dager siden
Jacob Burd
Jacob Burd - 15 dager siden
What bout that sexy red headed mr2 dude ik it’s running an it’s got wheels now but it was a deep clean away from being sweet reliable an fun
nobody here just an idea
nobody here just an idea - 15 dager siden
Reyshon 297
Reyshon 297 - 17 dager siden
Leave the hatch front wheel drive
Berta Donato
Berta Donato - 21 dag siden
That vibration for you doing it job loosing things up
Patman Performance
Patman Performance - 22 dager siden
That's awesome man, AWD H!!! Will it use a K diff with the extra ring gear to drive the transfer case?
vincent cuvelier
vincent cuvelier - 22 dager siden
As a mechanical engineering student, I'm so stocked to soon create beautiful parts like this one
Vinny Silvestri
Vinny Silvestri - 23 dager siden
Looks awesome. Can't wait until mine is in my hands. It's supposed to be delivered on Friday!
TransLab_Spike - 23 dager siden
Thank you Vinny :)
lowbxxst - 24 dager siden
h series for life boizzzzzzzzzzzzz
Aiden k
Aiden k - 24 dager siden
New into time???????
Austin Wilson
Austin Wilson - 25 dager siden
The bolt has a hole drilled into the head so it can be safety wired so this doesn't happen. You should get some safety wire on it to make sure it doesn't fall out again.
Buddy Rowe
Buddy Rowe - 25 dager siden
why the hell would you ever go to a taco bell when you have del taco?!?!?!?!?!?! omggggg we dont have those where i live. when i visited LA we ate del taco twice a day for 4 or 5 days straight
DJ WRAITH - 25 dager siden
Dam can't believe he found the bolt WOW! So lucky! I can hear the fly@13:26 it has like flown around by the mic like 3 times! LOL!
Sam Jennings
Sam Jennings - 25 dager siden
The first guy ever to find the missing bolt on the highway
Cibim Box
Cibim Box - 25 dager siden
Just put another engine in back to drive rear. and it would be 2x power and also awd
Rashad Jones
Rashad Jones - 25 dager siden
Take the tops off
Rashad Jones
Rashad Jones - 25 dager siden
One time for me
Traxxas Unlimited
Traxxas Unlimited - 25 dager siden
So I been think of turbo my 02 civic si ep3 was wounded if there are any tips or tricks I will need to know about?
Enzo Fxx
Enzo Fxx - 25 dager siden
Sounds Like a World War 2 Plane
jarod findley
jarod findley - 25 dager siden
dry ice like that would have the possiblity to fill the cab with carbon monixidie and kill you
AWD 52 Chev
AWD 52 Chev - 26 dager siden
Is the hole in that bolt for safety wire, so it doesn’t come out?
tyler ortiz
tyler ortiz - 26 dager siden
Anyone else got m2b4 1,2,3 and m2y4 4 and 5?
travis - 26 dager siden
Get the hatch to 8 seconds
Sticker Chief
Sticker Chief - 26 dager siden
Longboioaks - 26 dager siden
Hatch is still my fav I found boosted boiz cuz of it them highway chases
Bay Area Shenanigans
Bay Area Shenanigans - 26 dager siden
10:05 and forward is only a feeling men understand but woman would just call crazy 😂
mrAudisubaru - 26 dager siden
AWD everything.
braden sullivan
braden sullivan - 26 dager siden
What’s the retail on one of those?
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 - 26 dager siden
Robbirob Texas
Robbirob Texas - 26 dager siden
Creamed my pants when I set eyes upon that sexy bellh. Hopefully soon I’ll join tha H22 team 🤟🏽
TransLab_Spike - 23 dager siden
Let us know!
At Home Detail
At Home Detail - 26 dager siden
Kyle, paint that chute mount on the mr2. Such a sick ride & a rusty old parachute mount...
MrBertyboy1978 - 26 dager siden
One thing I've noticed about kyle is he never finishes a car before driving it, leave silly things out, not tightening bolts, leaky manifolds, sticky accelerator pedals it never ends, just finish off all the small things first before they cause big problems.
James Wyllie
James Wyllie - 26 dager siden
When you going to paint the hatch
James Wyllie
James Wyllie - 26 dager siden
Hey does the hole on bolt go all the way through that normally means it’s supposed to be wired right
Brandon Truman
Brandon Truman - 26 dager siden
Clearcoat the bell housing so it stays looking like that and cleans easy. Looks so freaking beautiful.
TransLab_Spike - 23 dager siden
clearcoat will look like crap in short order..
NickZero - 27 dager siden
I hope they are already working on a backup of that crazy bell housing. It's beautiful but I'm sure you guys will find a way to break it. And I mean that in a good, lots of boost, kinda way
TransLab_Spike - 23 dager siden
Everything around the housing will break ;)
David - 27 dager siden
Time to get rid of the weight plate
aintnobodygot timefodis
aintnobodygot timefodis - 27 dager siden
Negligence with tightening bolts and having them fall out on the freeway is part of why insurance premiums are so high for everyone. Stop slacking off and risking damage to other driver's tyres.
Curtis B
Curtis B - 27 dager siden
Hell Yeah beautiful the hatch is coming back for revenge I can't wait