The Fastest Hondaru Has Ever Gone With a Stock K24!

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Runtime: 16:35


Vance Driskill
Vance Driskill - 5 dager siden
emilio is like a kid in a candy shop how excited he is! love that
Alek Damyanov
Alek Damyanov - 10 dager siden
Loving the Hondaru progress! Just need to figure out that 2nd gear bog and and once you can shift it at 9k rpm you'll be starting to get closer to the 9s.
Rumpelforeskin - 11 dager siden
Makes me so happy to see emillio see extatic can't help but smile
BIKE Life 260
BIKE Life 260 - 15 dager siden
If Emilio would have completed that diet he started 4 ever ago would have been 9s all day! Just playing bro. Its a good day to be a boostedboiz fan!
HSO Tuning
HSO Tuning - 17 dager siden
I honestly feel like the 1st to 2nd fear transition is to long. 2nd gear always seems to bog, even when the rev limiter was higher with the built motor it still seemed to bog. If that was a closer ratio that would be a easy 4 to 6 tenths off Hondarus ET
Jeffrey Allen
Jeffrey Allen - 19 dager siden
From watching the in-car video it appears you are pulling the shifter towards you before it’s time to shift. Is there a strain gauge?
Tyler Gourley
Tyler Gourley - 19 dager siden
No lift shift would be mean in hondaru
#RideLife - 24 dager siden
Why are you using the clutch with a sequential?
Brekyr - 24 dager siden
Id give that shifter stick some viagra.. Its flopping around alot! Might give it way better feel on the shifts so you can get more constant and even pulls..
W M - 26 dager siden
U spent alot of money to go 11s man. Junkyard ls turbo will run 9s for 10grand.
NightlIke - 26 dager siden
Why dont you just put rods, pistons and springs? The boostedboiz way seem better then full blown built engines hahaha
d26 - 26 dager siden
Why’s he not flat shifting?
Leadfoot2112 - 26 dager siden
Thumbs up for the "BUTT DYNO"
Friend of the One-Eyed Ladies
Solo Emilio is an unexpectedly different vibe. Not better or worse, just different. Ya, food poisoning sucks.
Nathan Lodder
Nathan Lodder - 27 dager siden
Solid! Didn't break..+1
George Wiffington
George Wiffington - 27 dager siden
Hell yeah Emillio! Hondaru is awesome
TodaVtecKiller - 27 dager siden
You keep shifting way too early to second..
jer her
jer her - 27 dager siden
At 9:57 when the cam gets blurr that when it’s getting it lol
Mish Domingo
Mish Domingo - 27 dager siden
Emillio a vloger yo !!! XD still enjoyed a emilio vlog just as much and I think we're all glad he can finally enjoy the car... definitely less go's wrong when you're just not worried about things breaking and taking it easy, also more enjoyment
NISMOIZKING - 27 dager siden
A reliable subie lolol
Oikku Oek
Oikku Oek - 27 dager siden
Did you check the plugs?
Jared THISDELLE - 27 dager siden
Hell ya Emilio its great too see shred the track 10 .8 @133 nice man shits banging
Brandon Rice
Brandon Rice - 28 dager siden
Is there a reason you’re using the clutch during shifts?
Elfonzo - 28 dager siden
Thought it was a hoonigan shirt at the beginning lol
Jay Walk
Jay Walk - 28 dager siden
its time for Emilio to start his own channel.. Kyle only shows clips here an there, look like today he didnt even go to track day .. EMILIO he has a couple bad ass race cars, its time to show the world
Red Dog
Red Dog - 10 dager siden
Maybe Emilio should start is on channel that way we can see if he has any metal for doing so
Brian A
Brian A - 28 dager siden
Honda Motor is Life
Meechy Sosa
Meechy Sosa - 28 dager siden
That ain't stock
SubieRebelution - 28 dager siden
really needs a driver mod.
Do it like Capt. Dan
Do it like Capt. Dan - 28 dager siden
11:30 epic Emilio...” I’m Just gonna keep doin burnouts...”
Evan Paternostro
Evan Paternostro - 28 dager siden
that can not be stock my dads mustang not even that fast and he has a 2009 gt
Larson Racing.
Larson Racing. - 29 dager siden
Would love to see hondaru get nitrous just for shits and giggles
Christopher Skinner
Christopher Skinner - 29 dager siden
Emilio, Keep your hand off the shifter until you are pushing in the clutch. You're slowly pulling back on the shifter as soon as you grab it.
Nathan Summers
Nathan Summers - 29 dager siden
I'm not like mad or anything but last time I bought a shirt you guys stopped working on the project right in the middle of it and never touched it for two years so nobody knew what the shirt was when I wore it.
Dean Gabbin
Dean Gabbin - 29 dager siden
I want you to run against my buddy’s st he pushing sum real hp
Thomas Strickland
Thomas Strickland - 29 dager siden
theres already real hp subaru back at ice cream cruise. hondaru vs that 900hp subaru. if your buddy makes less than 700hp, dont waste his gas.
Dean Gabbin
Dean Gabbin - 29 dager siden
Are you guys in Colorado?
Chris Stone
Chris Stone - 29 dager siden
Love where its going it's been a minute since we seen that hondaru ripping !! I was thinking honda life you might want to try short shifting first before it hits limiter it might keep that turbo spooling and not bog as much in second
John Martin
John Martin - 29 dager siden
Fast Food is a Russian Roulette stay clear and cook your own food....Still waiting for you guys to put a BigAss Grill out there at the shop....Grilling and Building and tuning go Hand & Hand 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
jerry jo
jerry jo - 29 dager siden
bewteen shifts "cmon cmon cmon cmon cmon yeahhhhh"
kevin kissoon
kevin kissoon - 29 dager siden
Emilio need his own channel
Red Dog
Red Dog - 10 dager siden
Yes he should and then we can see what he's made of
Curtis B
Curtis B - 29 dager siden
That's a good change hondaru didn't have to be pushed back on the trailer. I think the difference is it didn't matter if the engine blew