Tearing Hondaru Apart For Maintenance

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Bijorn Walker
Bijorn Walker - 3 måneder siden
Still sounds like a Subaru
MogasFox3 - 4 måneder siden
“Air traffic control headset...”. That’s a tactical headset bro, for controlling air strikes during close air support. Get some Brent!
Greg thomas
Greg thomas - 4 måneder siden
Hondru needs the same turbo as the mini van
Jared THISDELLE - 4 måneder siden
Yes let's see the lude shred up the track .
RisingStar - 4 måneder siden
Steel driveshaft!
T&G videos
T&G videos - 4 måneder siden
Are yall gonna put the awd dyno in the ground?
Lorry Stagg
Lorry Stagg - 4 måneder siden
Make some bushes out of aluminium if you have or have access to a metal lathe
Mikel Ellsaesser
Mikel Ellsaesser - 4 måneder siden
If I was u I would look for ur hoist bar in the oil pit u have in ur shop. I bet it fill in there just saying lol
Alan cZar
Alan cZar - 4 måneder siden
Seems like these guys are UNDER the Subie more often than IN the Subie. :/
AUSTIN - 4 måneder siden
LOL as long as there is enough atmosphere for the turbo to create the target boost, then elevation does not effect the power output
ViRtUaLheretic - 4 måneder siden
Dont just roll the fender on the prelude, go ahead and pull them out for good measure. If nothing else it will give you extra clearance if you want (or can) run bigger tires in the future.
MrGixxer1300r - 4 måneder siden
Wonder if you could space the diff down from the body a 1" or 2" for driveshaft clearance with some thick poly bushings. 1. This would keep the yolk on the diff from climbing when you get on it. 2. cheap, easy, and simple.
daymobrown - 4 måneder siden
I'd be tempted to run a hacksaw through that deep groove to see how close you were.
TheRideVibe - 4 måneder siden
Hondaru is sexyy
hkeg80 - 4 måneder siden
Boiz please, protect your ears, I say this from experience, having bad hearing and tinnitus sucks donkey dong, please wear some earpro so you can keep making these dope videos for years without destroying your hearing.
Matias urrutia
Matias urrutia - 4 måneder siden
Ellis Terry
Ellis Terry - 4 måneder siden
Bob Saget
Bob Saget - 4 måneder siden
This more reliable than any actual subaru
Maniacs - 4 måneder siden
Swap out your diff cross member and trans cross member with tss fab tube frames. Those things will give you the rigidity hondaru needs
Rhian Singh
Rhian Singh - 4 måneder siden
The handle is part of kyles traction bar on the minivan
Dave James
Dave James - 4 måneder siden
Narrow steel driveshaft?
Sherky - 4 måneder siden
Can we please see the Office/Game Room?
Sherky - 4 måneder siden
You guys should do a Complete Wiretuck on HondaRu!! Make it go from Beautiful to Extraordinary!
Ivana Notyers
Ivana Notyers - 4 måneder siden
Liquid Smurf in that trans...
Vincent Mark
Vincent Mark - 4 måneder siden
Wastegate problems? Need a bigger one? Or is it a tuning bug you gotta flatten out?
Richard Hoadley
Richard Hoadley - 4 måneder siden
Hey Kyle. Have you guys considered contacting any battery dealers for sponsorship? Yall need some proper 12volts in those super cars!
maldo72 - 4 måneder siden
You guys need to clean that shop up filthy
Peter McDaniel
Peter McDaniel - 4 måneder siden
You notice how Brent insists that they should check...
Scroty McFuck
Scroty McFuck - 4 måneder siden
Would be a *real* shame if it never went back together and was parted out, a *REAL* shame...
Nathan Countyrman
Nathan Countyrman - 4 måneder siden
The Subaru definitely needs an exhaust you can’t hear it over the dyno rollers and an intake
Dennis Rumsey
Dennis Rumsey - 4 måneder siden
Agree need a new oil drain hole installed while the engine is torn down
finaddict - 4 måneder siden
Stuff a couple old magazines between the tire and fender bounce the car. It forms the fender to how many magazine you put between them. It's easy if your in a pinch at the track or can't buy a roller
Baz Scarlett
Baz Scarlett - 4 måneder siden
That engine needs zip ties for bolts.
So it faster to pull apart for maintance ""
CRUD VADER - 4 måneder siden
Your videos are kicking it but the advertising is some very BS propaganda shit. I don't know if you guys have a say on who advertises on your Channel, I don't want to watch anti or pro-abortion advertising on a car Channel
peter bravestrong
peter bravestrong - 4 måneder siden
When you going to take the van to the honda dealership... For a oil change?
Jose Rotary
Jose Rotary - 4 måneder siden
You got that right Emilio, race car life 💯👍👍👍
fozzy wrx
fozzy wrx - 4 måneder siden
might be worth checking out first gen forester subframe spacers to make room for the hood to clear they space the engine down 30mm ;)
lokatwhaticando - 4 måneder siden
I would just use that bad tire in the burn out challenge. Let it blow up there and not on the track.
huda88 - 4 måneder siden
The ca625 studs are a different material aswell
Chris Vance
Chris Vance - 4 måneder siden
Use a broom stick on ur lift bro