Taking Our Turbo Sand Rail To The Dunes For The FIRST TIME!

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Runtime: 21:52


Big Paco
Big Paco - 2 dager siden
Looks so fun. You should do a few more bars on the sides and at the front windshield area and install a strong plexiglass or steel net screen
Marco Julie
Marco Julie - 4 dager siden
Man lots fun Acura power and sand killer Rad Great Hill Geater👍👍👍froid Canada ✌
George Crawford
George Crawford - 4 dager siden
Wyatt's a freakin monster...epic video
Joshua Johnson
Joshua Johnson - 7 dager siden
Brents middle name should be boost. The way he gets so hyped every time it hits❤️
Erric D Johnson 74
Erric D Johnson 74 - 8 dager siden
You know your having a blast when you squeal like a teenage girl 😁😂🤣
Alex Macfarlane
Alex Macfarlane - 9 dager siden
these guys are loving life !!! so sick 😂😂😂😂
Atanas Tripzter
Atanas Tripzter - 9 dager siden
11:06 .... This is why i love this channel.
Sam Hill
Sam Hill - 10 dager siden
cool awesome sick so cool awesome sick....all things a gaay says over & over.
Brian Edwards
Brian Edwards - 11 dager siden
Kick ass sand rail bro much props👍
Nathan Lodder
Nathan Lodder - 12 dager siden
Solid, certified ripper! Absolutely my cheeks are hurt'n at watching y'all rip the Razzel
Nahu Dlx
Nahu Dlx - 14 dager siden
Brent´s laugh is hilarious xD
BIKE Life 260
BIKE Life 260 - 15 dager siden
How many BTU's does that thing put out?
Jonny Polea
Jonny Polea - 15 dager siden
I love Brent's laugh 😆, best hype man in the game.
Jared THISDELLE - 15 dager siden
J series for the win 🙌 turn down the ring on the shock so she don't bottom out stiffen it up a bit ..Kyle big up for letting others rip it ..
Jared THISDELLE - 16 dager siden
F.ck me i so far behind in uploads working like a dog these days bug it is time for boosted boiz
Pro DRIFTZ - 16 dager siden
the production quality was thru the roof love it !!!!
No Recording Software
No Recording Software - 16 dager siden
buggy sounds clapped out after that rip guys lol
david houpt
david houpt - 17 dager siden
169 people SUCK
Connor Pelstring
Connor Pelstring - 17 dager siden
sketchy is so sunburnt HAHAHAH
Joseph Gray
Joseph Gray - 18 dager siden
I love it when Jamie is gonna rip it the way you brought the song in was perfect
Luke Piller
Luke Piller - 18 dager siden
This is fucking awesome!!!
Chef Boiard
Chef Boiard - 18 dager siden
Lol I’d reinforce that cage thing looks sketch as fuck
Beg ForAbsol
Beg ForAbsol - 18 dager siden
kyle keep your thumbs outside of the steering wheel. hate for you to find out what it feels like if seomthing bad happens
david broström
david broström - 18 dager siden
im so jellous
Angryfuture - 18 dager siden
Song where brent is having a blast?
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 - 18 dager siden
Swif7 - Don't Wanna Sleep
Bill Bayless
Bill Bayless - 18 dager siden
You would freak in glamis.....
THAT_1_GUY HHP - 18 dager siden
Could you guys please wear helmets, bashing your head on those bars is desth or atleast brain damage. PLEASE LIKE THIS COMMENT SO HE SEES. HOPE YOU GUYS CARE ABOUT THEY'RE HEALTH LIKE ME
Haqeem 54
Haqeem 54 - 19 dager siden
part - 7:46 song
Turbo World
Turbo World - 19 dager siden
james lewis
james lewis - 19 dager siden
Is it just me but is that big guy with his hat on backwards doesn't he look just like Fred Durst from Limp Biscuit
bonz424 - 19 dager siden
Jonathan Clarke
Jonathan Clarke - 19 dager siden
Killing it boyz. I’ve been following y’all for a long time. This is my fave video
Sand Dogs
Sand Dogs - 19 dager siden
Where is this at ??
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 - 19 dager siden
North Sand Hills, (AKA Walden Sand Dunes) Cowdrey, Colorado
Angel Vasquez
Angel Vasquez - 19 dager siden
What song is in the beginning of video?
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 - 19 dager siden
oomiee - Dimples
Ann Yeckley
Ann Yeckley - 19 dager siden
looks like u got something to race beast mode from sxsblog.
Carrie Manyen
Carrie Manyen - 19 dager siden
Where's that at
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 - 19 dager siden
North Sand Hills, (AKA Walden Sand Dunes) Cowdrey, Colorado
Rosy Boiz TV
Rosy Boiz TV - 19 dager siden
You need to bring that girl to Utah!!
Brittany Shropshire
Brittany Shropshire - 20 dager siden
Thank you for buckling my son in TIGHT!! 😵
Luxter1994 - 20 dager siden
Aaaaand demonetized! 🤣 #WorthIt
Rickshaw Sexy Back AFK
Rickshaw Sexy Back AFK - 20 dager siden
if you don't laugh at/with brent then there's something wrong. hahah XD