So Excited For The 2020 Ice Cream Cruise!

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Desmond Chong
Desmond Chong - 12 dager siden
I was confused af wether if i had heard that or not😂😂😂 reminds me when i accidentally called tuna sushi, suna tushi
Gab Qc
Gab Qc - 29 dager siden
10:10 That Purple rsx tho !! 10:10
Hunter Marshall
Hunter Marshall - Måned siden
clean eg hatches are beautiful
Ramon Ruiz
Ramon Ruiz - Måned siden
Wow! What a good experience is that.
Take a long road trip with your boys and all the toys 🚗🚘🚙⛽🔥
4BangerTV - Måned siden
The funniest thing is that Garrett said page cainted in his video too when talking to you and you just did it😂😂😂😂 not sure if you did it on purpose lol
Hellrazerblazer - Måned siden
"gotta get that page cainted" - Kyle 2020
사인웨이브[prod. sinewavve]
Wrap the rowdossey in gloss black
Corey K
Corey K - Måned siden
mastakush47 - Måned siden
Would of been great when you looked over at Brent if he was asleep too
Jaxx Yt
Jaxx Yt - Måned siden
gotta get the page cainted 2:06
Jose Rotary
Jose Rotary - Måned siden
Nice journey guys, good luck 💯👍👍👍
Tony.R Rojas
Tony.R Rojas - Måned siden
Hi Tony
Bomzhara - Måned siden
im sure he said that on purpose
Doomed EJ6
Doomed EJ6 - Måned siden
2:06 "gotta get the page painted" best of Kyle 2020
Scott Farris
Scott Farris - Måned siden
That Bubble looks super-clean on video. Must be nice having that kind of car just sitting in storage. It certainly beats The Curse IMO. LOL
Scott Farris
Scott Farris - Måned siden
Anyone else think this motor in Hondaru will last for 10 years?
Austin H
Austin H - Måned siden
Bruh you and Garrett both said get the page cainted😭😂😂
Jani Poutanen
Jani Poutanen - Måned siden
Can someone comment if he said "page cainted" I am really not sure
Jared THISDELLE - Måned siden
Hondaru finally drives again sweet
TheUsmc913 - Måned siden
It was awesome seeing y'all at ICC. Can't wait for next year. Are y'all going to FL2K?
Alex - Måned siden
What happened? No more videos?
curly239 - Måned siden
Waiting for some more footage from the Ice Cream Cruise! I wanna see your side of the Cleetus/C8 rip! It was Lol when the Rowdessy left the new C8 in the dust! Great work!! Subscribed!
Jordan Piette
Jordan Piette - Måned siden
Whats up with the content my dude?
Zachary Ballew
Zachary Ballew - Måned siden
Even Cleetus said it to him on the Ice Cream Cruise vids LMFAO It's 100% a running joke now.
Andrew Doyle
Andrew Doyle - Måned siden
We need some kinda page cainted shirt
Urban Dude
Urban Dude - Måned siden
Kyle is a real one for celebrating the Hondaru like that 😂💯
DoeBoy 407
DoeBoy 407 - Måned siden
beighley96 - Måned siden
Dog the only thing roasting you harder then the comments was cleet at icc
howedy ya'll
howedy ya'll - Måned siden
Hi tis a little icecream shop in hastings Nebraska called scoops you should check out
Austin Chambers
Austin Chambers - Måned siden
I just have to say that's a purdy turbo you got there bo
Im Asid
Im Asid - Måned siden
Gickels McDoogle
Gickels McDoogle - Måned siden
-Rowdessy's official lady name
FatFluffyFox - Måned siden
page caintedddddddd yooooooooooooooooo
MaxxYield - Måned siden
That's a trailer full of fun...!!°🤘🤘
Shayne Puckett
Shayne Puckett - Måned siden
2:05 better page that caint 😂😂😂
the_enthusiast - Måned siden
The fact that they have customer cars that are sitting around that long blows my mind. Do people just not come get their stuff or what? Lol if I had a 1000hp car I'd park it in the living room if i had to.
Ian Perry
Ian Perry - Måned siden
Thanks for coming to Omaha guys! Loved seeing the cars at the Harbor Freight meet and at the racetrack.
NaphthaleneMotorsports - Måned siden
!!!!BoostedBoiz!!!! Hello from Naphthalene.N2O My name is Hutch and I run the channel. Love the content!
Jordan Penn
Jordan Penn - Måned siden
When did page caint become a thing
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