Red Mr2 Gets a New Look and Emilio Bought a New Daily!

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Runtime: 15:00


FiestaBoysTV - 2 måneder siden
“Got 3rd” lmaoooo
Big Mar
Big Mar - 3 måneder siden
Show em what a real built sti can do. Hondaru stay broke😂☠
Zac Ferguson
Zac Ferguson - 3 måneder siden
Don’t flip the sti! Keep it!
Travis Middleton
Travis Middleton - 3 måneder siden
Kyle you seem like a good dude but you never seen happy for anyone unless its your self
Mike Mack
Mike Mack - 3 måneder siden
3:13 shout out to Chris D'Elia
Drewskie S.
Drewskie S. - 3 måneder siden
Twin turbo J swap the new Subie!!!!
The Balding Builder
The Balding Builder - 4 måneder siden
The name for the Escalade should be El Vira, or Widow.
kleinshort - 4 måneder siden
Atr sport 2......
Dj Eli Shane
Dj Eli Shane - 4 måneder siden
Nah dont do another k swap Subaru.Build the boxer engine eventually
Dj Eli Shane
Dj Eli Shane - 4 måneder siden
Take the sti out for a good rip
hosh arts
hosh arts - 4 måneder siden
No 2j 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
James Dyer Jr.
James Dyer Jr. - 4 måneder siden
You should definitely keep the STI and build the motor and get a stronger transmission and have a built daily that would be awesome
Tr3vor MR2
Tr3vor MR2 - 4 måneder siden
6:01 hahaha dude it needs coils stat
Jon athan
Jon athan - 4 måneder siden
it would be an insane project to double kswap the new sti. a k20 in the front and another in the back!
Hugo Hallgren
Hugo Hallgren - 4 måneder siden
pleace take the springs off untill you gett the coilovers
ToljGameplay - 4 måneder siden
J swap sti
Justin Korenkov
Justin Korenkov - 4 måneder siden
Love the mr2. I'm stuck with a little first gen crx though😂🤙
Christian Hernandez
Christian Hernandez - 4 måneder siden
U never did fix ur moms Honda lol
JROD Jeremy Flanigan
JROD Jeremy Flanigan - 4 måneder siden
They look great. Love the wheels on the MR2. And Emilio’s STi is gonna be a great stock daily.
Bryce Martin
Bryce Martin - 4 måneder siden
My legs made a boostedbois video😤
Zach - 4 måneder siden
The MR2 looks like it rides like a boat.
Jomar Delgado
Jomar Delgado - 4 måneder siden
Hit the like if u miss his s14
Austin S
Austin S - 4 måneder siden
That's my jeep at 0.22 who owns it now?? I'll buy her back!
pFbSpecV - 4 måneder siden
Congrats to emilio on having a sweet daily now!!! Finally!
Ben Jordan
Ben Jordan - 4 måneder siden
BBC Big Black Cadillac
War hog
War hog - 4 måneder siden
Keep the Blue STI Emilio!
Luxter1994 - 4 måneder siden
"Compensator" sounds like a good name.
Angel Amaral
Angel Amaral - 4 måneder siden
What happened to emilios Supra ?
James Morris
James Morris - 4 måneder siden
Escalade gets him where he gotta go ole black Betty
Oreo Cocky
Oreo Cocky - 4 måneder siden
J swap the subi
Desmond Chong
Desmond Chong - 4 måneder siden
In some countries, its called the Impreza
Blake Boothe
Blake Boothe - 4 måneder siden
Anyone happen to count the times Kyle said “now we’ve got two clean daily’s” 😂
ImportRacer4Life - 4 måneder siden
I either had to do it or not do I did it 😂😂 gotta love emilios quotes lol glad to see you guys in clean looking cars!
Steve French
Steve French - 4 måneder siden
MR2 looks great with those wheels... And definitely keep that STI wagon! I had a bug eye WRX wagon, great cars. Fuel mileage not so good, both with or without the tune though. To bad they no longer make turbo wagons, I had to have a wagon so was forced into the new Impreza sport. At least it handles excellent.
renzoku163 - 4 måneder siden
What kind of motor do they put in a Kia Sedona I have an 04 was wondering if it's possible to Turbo it
Jose Rotary
Jose Rotary - 4 måneder siden
Cars looking good 💯👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Rille högberg
Rille högberg - 4 måneder siden
maybe make it a real nice car inside and outside would be fun to see you do that to atleast 1 car! And it would make great content 4 your channel
Akeno Senpai
Akeno Senpai - 4 måneder siden
You guys should go full ricer with your new daily's!
seroqu 15
seroqu 15 - 4 måneder siden
Did u ever think to do this for the H in the hatch????
Stacy Fenton
Stacy Fenton - 4 måneder siden
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