Racing Tavarish's Cheap Civic Down The Quarter Mile!

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This thing needs some love
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Cristian Montesino
Cristian Montesino - 5 timer siden
It's all about the driver! Good job man!
Tony McCormick
Tony McCormick - Måned siden
Engine is just moving to much need solid mounts and better shift linkage and bushings.
Miro Dyer
Miro Dyer - Måned siden
Down below 10's dudes use multi-plate centrifugal slipper clutches. They are weird to drive with because they slip under normal use, no pedal feel, until you dial in >2000rpm after that you need to control power with blow-off control otherwise your drive shafts will be next.
Miro Dyer
Miro Dyer - Måned siden
I've never seen such an incompetent bunch of clueless young idiots. I'm sitting here gritting my teeth, saying 'start it slow in second, then change to top and floor it. Third is useless because the tuner doesn't know why it doesn't rev limit normally. dickheads, its the solid engine mounting, the vibrations are fucking the map sensor in the ignition off. another possibility is these no-name turbos like some backpressure because they dont got no little internal vaney-things. chaps, fuckheads, whatever you wanna call yourself, my STOCK GTI with a performance pack (it has a renault built motor gives just 300hp ) does 11.3. I know you hate me for jizzing you, but I feel sorry for machinery, cuntfaces.
Jay M
Jay M - Måned siden
Yank that bish into 2nd!
Nick Myers
Nick Myers - Måned siden
hi at car needs to rebuild it
Diego T
Diego T - 2 måneder siden
Y y’all hating on that cheap civic, y’all do more jank shit
Mindless Garage
Mindless Garage - 3 måneder siden
The fule cell in Rick car need a strap
206 guy
206 guy - 3 måneder siden
What happened to this civic??
sidney singh
sidney singh - 3 måneder siden
It’s nice to see a good driver be hide the wheel unlike last time
Yannick Brunia
Yannick Brunia - 4 måneder siden
Was the B18 civic rebuild with stronger rods and pistons before turbo instal or just stock internals?
Dj Eli Shane
Dj Eli Shane - 4 måneder siden
Car is absolute trash
Ok Dokey
Ok Dokey - 4 måneder siden
Really just kind of ruined that guys car for no reason
Thomas Shelby
Thomas Shelby - 4 måneder siden
Anyone know what those seats are ?
wackomanx - 4 måneder siden
Is that an OEM driver side mount?
Fukken Miguel
Fukken Miguel - 4 måneder siden
I want to see this car all fixed up
Saul Allen
Saul Allen - 4 måneder siden
Anyone know if there is a build break down on this car, would love to see how people can build a bad ass fats car on a budget
Matt Sloop
Matt Sloop - 4 måneder siden
Can you run an auto on those Honda's?
Tyler4.6 - 4 måneder siden
Colfax hatch 😂🤣🤣
scoldingwhisper - 4 måneder siden
probably blew a trans because wheel hop
scoldingwhisper - 4 måneder siden
take the windshield cowl off that hatch for yours
Paul Cek
Paul Cek - 5 måneder siden
I love it, personally gen4 civic the best :)
Cool Hernandez
Cool Hernandez - 5 måneder siden
Do you guys know if I can buy that car
Milsolen - 5 måneder siden
Hope tavarish fixed the electrical good enough
Gixxer983 - 5 måneder siden
EMILIO The 3rd
Mitchell Savage
Mitchell Savage - 5 måneder siden
Driver mod ?
Angel Buelna
Angel Buelna - 5 måneder siden
Looks like the silver hatch needs motor mounts
Rexx Hanes
Rexx Hanes - 5 måneder siden
Get one for ya boy too who taught y’all how to drive? 😂
Rexx Hanes
Rexx Hanes - 5 måneder siden
MAN somebody get that boy a power glide all you gotta do is shift one damn time.
Giga Shrubbz
Giga Shrubbz - 5 måneder siden
Patience young Kyle. Get a smooth pass done. Smooth is always fast. Get yourself a baseline you can build on. Trying too hard is slowing you down.
Ronnie Broadnax
Ronnie Broadnax - 5 måneder siden
GaryLordsWayMinistry - 5 måneder siden
The other car has a lose fuel cell in it that needs to get secured to the floorboard. More Ghetto work at its best. That would feel real good hitting you in the back of the head getting into a wreck with a fire ball from all the fuel dumping all over the place.
GaryLordsWayMinistry - 5 måneder siden
I have not idea why you do not shift it when it hits the rev-limiter? Your wasting time in that gear shift it already. With everything breaking, might as well go home and rebuilt everything the way you want and be done with it before you send a rod through the block.
Scott Woodside
Scott Woodside - 5 måneder siden
"We're gunna raise limiter DOWN in second." Lol
Solo Wolf
Solo Wolf - 5 måneder siden
There's like not even a single not "hate" comment c'mon guys...Ey Kyle you did your best man good job!!
cobrasvt347 - 5 måneder siden
That’s gotta be the most secure fuel cell I’ve ever seen. Lmao
DSG - 5 måneder siden
WTH is it with Honda gear boxes? Why dont people fab some bracketed gates for those things?
Patty Ice
Patty Ice - 5 måneder siden
I really want to see what tavarishes Civic can do!! Idc in which channel, as long as it's in an amazing state
thisguy2687 - 5 måneder siden
"Yeah a few bab bab bab bab's" 😂😂😂
Underground Racing Cartel
Underground Racing Cartel - 5 måneder siden
I feel like this civic will run 10s soon