Making Our Honda Minivan ALL WHEEL DRIVE! (Full Process)

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Many of you guessed it, the Rowdyssey is going AWD!
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K-Shop Customs
K-Shop Customs - Måned siden
My mates sister right now has a AWD one that has the same rear setup but is the later 2002 model I think
K-Shop Customs
K-Shop Customs - Måned siden
My old man used to have a AWD one like yours. Good car. Towed a big heavy commodore. Down here in NZ we get all the JDM goodies
Shared Knowledge
Shared Knowledge - Måned siden
You know there are engineers at Honda in Japan watching your videos probably trying to translate English to Japanese to better follow your amazing efforts. It’s one thing to get more horsepower out of a 4 cylinder than most can get out of the infamous Supra or BMW in-line sixes and it’s another to hook it all up to a minivan with beefed up AWD hardware. Honda out engineers Toyota, the Germans, and most everyone else. If you tried to do this with a German vehicle the hurdles would likely be insurmountable and it would still likely grenade into broken bits at the first application of full throttle. Yet a lowly Honda minivan and Civic wagon hardware can deal with 1000hp. Go Honda! Back in the mid 80’s when the first generation Integra hit the market the automotive journalists said the harder you abused it the more it rewarded the driver. The decade from the early 80’s to the early 90’s were the glory years for Honda and Acura. Has anyone made 1000 reliable horsepower from a Corolla or Sentra motor let alone hooked it up to AWD?
hanafi matondang
hanafi matondang - 4 måneder siden
Toyota Previa Minivan ALL WHEEL DRIVE.. Please..
Ross Jenkins
Ross Jenkins - 4 måneder siden
Any new leads on another set of AWD parts for another Odyssey? I have that exact van in EX trim.
cuong tran
cuong tran - 4 måneder siden
Take the nut off on the differential clean it and put silicone
Maxwell Harmon
Maxwell Harmon - 4 måneder siden
so I'm sure you've said but are you using an awd trans from a crv?
Kevin M
Kevin M - 4 måneder siden
How much did you pay for the pallet of parts ? Just wondering.
Scott Goodson
Scott Goodson - 4 måneder siden
Here goes another pretzeled driveshaft lol
NEspeed - 4 måneder siden
What size air compressor is required for sandblasting? Any help and advice is greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!
Bustopher Jones
Bustopher Jones - 5 måneder siden
Absolute is also available in Australia.
Jimmy St-Jean
Jimmy St-Jean - 5 måneder siden
Wouldn't a rear end from a Honda pilot or an Acura MDX fits too?
Jimmy St-Jean
Jimmy St-Jean - 5 måneder siden
Is it just me or Kyle looks a bit older, more mature without his braces?
Rico Federico tv
Rico Federico tv - 5 måneder siden
god bless u my booaaaa us a legend
FlyguyXII - 5 måneder siden
use some heat and a beater gun to get those bolts out of the control arms. Forget using a hammer.
GaryLordsWayMinistry - 5 måneder siden
This video would have been 1/2 as long as it was if you would quit talking and being redundant and just get to it and be done with it. Less talking and more action son. You're not a novelist getting paid for every word you use son. Just get to it and move on, equals shorter videos, this is not a documentary. This mini van would be great to enter into Drag Week as well, you could use the back of it to even sleep in for the co driver/navigator to catch a nap as well, and use a trailer for all the tires and extra racing fuel, and tools and racing slicks. Sure looks crappy because you didn't take the time to sand blast the pieces and paint them like the others, ghetto boy.
john martin
john martin - 5 måneder siden
NEXT VIDEO: Beast Vs Beast Ronda Rowsey test drives the Honda rowdyssey
Redneck Modifications
Redneck Modifications - 5 måneder siden
what are you using to painting the subframe before you paint it black ?
daver4291 - 5 måneder siden
YTS The Good Lyfes
YTS The Good Lyfes - 5 måneder siden
there is a kit to get rid of the clutches in the crv diff. this helps out from having to source an expensive wagon diff
big beard mike
big beard mike - 5 måneder siden
i have the same odyssey and after seeing this video im goin to do this to my awd odyssey...any tips would be awesome as i have the 1996 version
Fonseca Productions
Fonseca Productions - 5 måneder siden
@Boostedboiz would you be interested in selling the stock transfer drive gear? I need it for my awd rsx build 😬😬
Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems
Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems - 5 måneder siden
7:25 shout out to Digital Underground, Shock G and Tupac.
Donny Amanda
Donny Amanda - 5 måneder siden
Please show more of the process of your builds. Really enjoy the mechanical parts as much as the shop antics.
kev v
kev v - 5 måneder siden
is the old h22 set up for sale for the odyssey.?!
Pete Miller
Pete Miller - 5 måneder siden
Great on the fly engineering.
TheOrangePulley - 5 måneder siden
its funny you talk about these parts are rare, there very common in new zealand
Junior 249
Junior 249 - 5 måneder siden
One badass van....
James Wyllie
James Wyllie - 5 måneder siden
You need to do a burnout on those tires see how it gets lose be good info on a tune before you turn it up on slicks
James Wyllie
James Wyllie - 5 måneder siden
Awesome nice to lose myself in a long video love your group of friends I would love to get back into a workshop
James Wyllie
James Wyllie - 5 måneder siden
Awesome nice to lose myself in a long video love your group of friends I would love to get back into a workshop
brad08stanggt - 5 måneder siden
Can that stock rear Honda diff handle over 1000hp!?!? Might have a weak point there as far as I can tell. Lol
P.M. BUILT - 5 måneder siden
I know its been a week since the video uploaded but will that awd set up work on a accord, preferably a CB7?
Dr. Mantis Toboggan
Dr. Mantis Toboggan - 5 måneder siden
Was hoping it was gonna be RWD.........This is poor mans Espace f1 !
Carl Renshaw
Carl Renshaw - 5 måneder siden
Chop the top. Lol lighter an more badass looking
Ranma Saotome
Ranma Saotome - 5 måneder siden
check out T-Demand for some cool aftermarket rear arms
Farmer Giles
Farmer Giles - 5 måneder siden
Why dont you lot make a little sand blasting booth instead of having to clean it up after ?
Jei Wow
Jei Wow - 5 måneder siden
Kyle are you going to cage the Rowdyssey?
HELLRAISEHR - 5 måneder siden
Thank you Matt!
MrLzrd420 - 5 måneder siden
Kyle. Look into TRUSTFAB on Instagram. Hes a master of the AWD stuff and rear end rebuilds and upgrades