Introducing The NEW BoostedBoiz Shop and Location!

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Young Coffey
Young Coffey - 5 timer siden
Good for you Kyle , congrats man , definitely an awesome moment for every fan to be a part of !
Shawn Kloter
Shawn Kloter - 12 timer siden
Where in fl?
Kai - 18 timer siden
Get a security system, welcome to Florida dude
BTC715 - Dag siden
100% upgrade from RicerMiata.
Logan Minnick
Logan Minnick - Dag siden
Did you buy or rent
Ted Alexander
Ted Alexander - Dag siden
Such an awesome opportunity for the Channel. Can’t wait for everyone else to show up it will definitely feel like a good thing when the whole crew is there. Welcome to Florida!
Nikos Katropoulos
Nikos Katropoulos - Dag siden
Damn I'm so happy and hyped about this! Keep it up
Billy Ward
Billy Ward - Dag siden
Only renting?
Og Baker420
Og Baker420 - Dag siden
Yoooo I hope you see this Kyle but chances are you probably won’t, but I clean pools for my job in Arizona. But it’s still pretty universal, the pool needs a minimum of care every 2 weeks in the winter and weekly in the summer if you don’t want it getting super gross. I suggest you go out there once a week just to net and brush it if you do it once a month. Just wanna help you out in the long run brother!!
Joshua Childress
Joshua Childress - Dag siden
Im in the process of moving to Spring Hill, Florida to finally be with someone I have been in a long distance relationship for the past three years. I am super pumped you guys are down that way now! From Illinois!
BB6WhiteDiamond - Dag siden
Come to cali bro
Brizzey Brice
Brizzey Brice - Dag siden
This is awesome bro. Congrats get some camera and a gate for the property 👍👍
salans7 - 2 dager siden
Welcome to Florida! Props to you for taking the leap and crossing into slightly familiar but still very new territory. Best wishes on this new chapter!
Wade Heinzman
Wade Heinzman - 2 dager siden
You come so far man, you make great videos and its been fun seeing you make so much progress with the channel and your life. Keep it up man i look forward to seeing more vids.
Worldatpeacewithitself - 2 dager siden
welcome to florida bro a little late but hey i hoped u choices the right side of town lol
edit u did pic a good location and area bet
Classic man
Classic man - 2 dager siden
Sky light in the shop would brighten things up.. when its not raining.
I R - 2 dager siden
Nice dude thats a bad ass piece of property brotha congrats guys! Worked hard for it!! 🤙🏻
Hollis Galloway
Hollis Galloway - 2 dager siden
New spot, new homies, seems like a good move man.
Martin Field
Martin Field - 2 dager siden
Fair play your doing well hats of to you well done
Max Crypto
Max Crypto - 2 dager siden
Fla, no shoes no muffler no problem!
manny s
manny s - 2 dager siden
Congrats on the move bud.... You made the right choice! I'm happy for ya!!!
Max Crypto
Max Crypto - 2 dager siden
Welcome to Fla, the tree chain is for tire to hang to occupy the pit bull 😆
Donovan Atkinson
Donovan Atkinson - 2 dager siden
I am proud of the truk
Shiesty Built Racing
Shiesty Built Racing - 2 dager siden
Mann bro I've been watching you guys for years, since way back when you were doing it out the garage with roommates. Really dig seeing the growth brotha, you built so many sick cars along the way💯👍🏼👍🏼
Ramon Martinez
Ramon Martinez - 2 dager siden
Yoooo florida that's where zosh and bodevision are at you gotta collab with them
Stapleton42 - 2 dager siden
You already got covered rv parking? Shoot you want a tenant 🤔😂
Benjamin Wilmot
Benjamin Wilmot - 2 dager siden
Makes me want to move to Florida even more, I know a bunch of people there already, I just need to take the leap of faith
Michael Ivan
Michael Ivan - 3 dager siden
Congratulations Kyle. Excited to see what comes of all of this.
John Woods
John Woods - 3 dager siden
Little man running to the puddle lol. Glad to see you back with Ricky and his fam! Keep up the great work bro I'm happy for you guys!
ThatDudeJessie - 3 dager siden
Even tho we dont have snow, we have ALOT of rain 😅
Southern Style
Southern Style - 3 dager siden
1104 w Old Hillsborough Ave Seffner fl 33584
Abears Dablife
Abears Dablife - 3 dager siden
Congrats buddy looks sweeet
thomas grasmick
thomas grasmick - 3 dager siden
Not going to lie looks like that haggard dudes old place in flord
Robin - 2 dager siden
nah taylor ray lives there
Robert Kurtz
Robert Kurtz - 3 dager siden
Welcome to Florida Kyle!!! A good addition to the Florida man club!
Big Paco
Big Paco - 3 dager siden
Bruhhhhhhhh new place is fire holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it’s a really super dope house you hit a home run on this place. It’s really nice like my dude you could set a few rooms up add a shower and could live in the shop if you wanted to. That’s when u know you got a nice place when you could live in the shop also. CONGRATS MAN
Beefy's Life
Beefy's Life - 3 dager siden
Invite shadetree surgeon round
Grant Toranzo
Grant Toranzo - 3 dager siden
You should paint the beams in the shop
Jared Lumbert
Jared Lumbert - 3 dager siden
Congrats Kyle!
Tyler Z
Tyler Z - 3 dager siden
You came a long way it’s good to see people’s success taking them places.
Calamity - 3 dager siden
Please buy an s2k.. it’s my dream car.. rwd and all Honda