I Gave Brent a Ride In The Rowdyssey

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Carboncrossroads - 27 dager siden
Man, if only I had good friends like this.... actually if I had friends period, that'd be pretty wild.
GodTierGarbage - 29 dager siden
Hit 4 on your num pad multiple times.
The clap of approval.
Phlat_Dog - Måned siden
This is where it all started. Kyle driving fast hondas and the internet going insane!
LatinoAD - Måned siden
Kyle man handles that prelude easy but the mr2 etc idk. That prelude needs slicks and tubular extended trailing arms also more weight reduction. Easy 11s street car.
Truth Time TV
Truth Time TV - Måned siden
ads and pushing merch what are we paying for now? :D
Jordan Scheurer
Jordan Scheurer - Måned siden
Although I cant see the benefits to building a 4 cylinder I have massive respect for the people that do because when they do it right they definitely rip. And I think its more of a FWD thing for me then it is the fact that its a 4 banger. Yall build some badass cars either way
Ron JL White
Ron JL White - Måned siden
Just grabbed a dope new sticker!!!
Zack scott
Zack scott - Måned siden
Shane so chill in back seat doing 130mph
Operation 660
Operation 660 - Måned siden
Wonder whats going thru Brent's mind at 6:12 .......his eyes tells it all😄😄😄😄
Operation 660
Operation 660 - Måned siden
Brent has to be the happiest person I've ever seen......he's such an inspiration to alot of people!!!!!! Just a great dude
Destin Shepherd
Destin Shepherd - Måned siden
Who’s the stig? 😂 nah Kyle came to drive today. I think his nerves get the best of him every time causing him to miss gears.
Israel Estrada
Israel Estrada - Måned siden
What app is that ?
Блин.Хочу такую турбину на мотор 4G94. Класс👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
GixxerJim - Måned siden
Best add ever, they better pay up ! haha
605BOLT - Måned siden
Thanks for coming to ICC! Very cool to see you guys especially on Friday at the throwback cruise at Harbor Freight. Boosted boiz going the extra mile for their fans as always. That's why we love u guys!!
The Hoodlum Brothers
The Hoodlum Brothers - Måned siden
Brents eyes lit up like you guys hit 88 miles an hour at 1.21 gigawatts on that flux capacitor
Alex Elrod
Alex Elrod - Måned siden
That mr2 sticker lookin THICC
Blotted - Måned siden
They refuse to tell everybody over the years the ebay link and/or the particular seller of the turbo that kyle first used on his hatch and most things since then. They're only about $450 on ebay and $600+ on the PFI site just with the rebadge. But its easy enough to find the same GTX 3582Rs with the .80 A/R housing that they rebadge and sell. Just search it and find the turbo that looks like theres in the $450 range with the same specs. Dont get the $250 ones, they dont have duel ball bearings and the internals are a lot worse. Id pay the $600+ for the their rebadged ebay turbo if they offered a warranty or something with that huge markup and since they made a deal with the seller and got their name on them, then bought them in bulk at a lot less cost. They are at least doubling their money on every turbo sold. I think its petty to not help the community out by not telling us the ebay seller but instead they decided to take an already retail product, rebadge it, and resell for double what they paid for them off the hype these cheap turbos can achieve from watching their channel over the years. At the end of the video kinda annoyed me to since he was saying they only had a few of "THEIR" turbos left in stock so act now!, when he should just (again) help the community out with the ebay listings.
Daniel Castelow
Daniel Castelow - Måned siden
What ever happen to the the Grinch
ZeloCODM - Måned siden
Dr sues themselves decided they needed to file a lawsuit against Roman for having merch with the grinches name on it. He also has other personal life things he’s gotta do
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 - Måned siden
Dee10 - Måned siden
Just curious... when is "Project Pedro" gonna come about? yall still have to do his civic. keep up the good work! Also dont forget to always mention your sponsors for your welders and tools etc. Support those that support you
Dee10 - Måned siden
Also to Brent. apply neutrogena cream for30 min on sunburnt skin then rinse off.
Kurtis Little
Kurtis Little - Måned siden
There is a 71 mini Honda truck for sale in Arvada on the market place...k swap it!!! Would be legendary. 71 Honda n600 , is the title.
Does Cars
Does Cars - Måned siden
Hooray for the prelude Phoenix! The prelix? Or the pheolude?
mylon budel
mylon budel - Måned siden
That prelude sounds awesome
jaycee _
jaycee _ - Måned siden
getting a turbo for my boi hes gonna put it on his Ek hatch with a B16
Bubbles Fuentes
Bubbles Fuentes - Måned siden
Why he talk like Breakfast Club Brian ? 😂
Ben Crosbie
Ben Crosbie - Måned siden
Like father and son
Connoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol Bitties
dam I want to buy a Turbo just to save it as a Souvenir
Connoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol Bitties
Boosted boiz 1st exclusive turbo right here it’ll be worth a lot of money in 10 years I hope these guys keep releasing parts man that’s dope! Really coming in clutch for the car community
Double Clutch
Double Clutch - Måned siden
Man you gotta let Brent drive the cars more often.. He does so much for everybody.. Let him take the van for a spin. Let's see that smile
K. - Måned siden
Awe Macbook?! Come on bro....
Holzwurm _HD
Holzwurm _HD - Måned siden
Lol I am wearing the Kove headphones rn, sry im not gonna buy a second pair. Also got the Commuter 2 from Kove. Great speakers.
D_car_king - Måned siden
Love how at the shop there’s random Honda’s everywhere lol
D_car_king - Måned siden
On The Reg
On The Reg - Måned siden
Kyle you need to watch “Sea Men” on amazon prime if you haven’t seen it yet. Made by the OG Top Gear guys #jizzledrizzle
Carl Chevarie
Carl Chevarie - Måned siden
danm i love the h22 if i end up build a honda i will use a h22a1 danm i miss the hatch man i cant wait to see wath you have in back store for the good old hatchy man i think the hatch and the good old wago are my favorite and og cars🤪 cant to see progress and upgrade on bolt of those thong man and keep up the good work man
Justin - Måned siden
If u were proficient at ordering parts you would have a sick video every other day which would fund more parts and all your projects would progress. Man this is somewhat of a frustrating channel to watch when you’re so unorganized and unmotivated.
The Honda Resource
The Honda Resource - Måned siden
Anxiously awaiting the MR2 build
Andrew Mikos
Andrew Mikos - Måned siden
Pretty stoked about the newly built MR2!
Fernando Romero
Fernando Romero - Måned siden
Right now I ordered my tshirt of mr2 blessed guys I'm a fan and mechanic from Puerto Rico but work for mopar here on charleston SC love you and need mechanics I'm here I got skills 😇🤙🏽✌🏽remember guys the sky is the limit and see you soon!!!!!
ig: Boosted_Crew_
ig: Boosted_Crew_ - Måned siden
I’ve never been in any high horsepower car, is the feeling similar to taking off in a airplane? Lol
Shannon Sisk
Shannon Sisk - Måned siden
ig: Boosted_Crew_ yea I’d say taking off in a plane feels like a 500-600 hp car
Osvaldo Flores
Osvaldo Flores - Måned siden
Damn kyle whyyyy are u doing the billy mayse here