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jose mendez
jose mendez - Måned siden
😳 oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Xblisit Josh
Xblisit Josh - 5 måneder siden
To get excellent parts is always worth the wait
Dlutner - 5 måneder siden
So ready! Can't fake that enthusiasm all you guys have rn. Hell yeah 😎 let's go 💪
Jacy Purkiss
Jacy Purkiss - 5 måneder siden
stinkinlincoln90 - 6 måneder siden
Definitely worth the wait congrats Emilio
XJAYARE2Xx - 6 måneder siden
Hondaru is gonna be a beast!
XJAYARE2Xx - 6 måneder siden
That’s diff is sick!
BiG Cheese
BiG Cheese - 6 måneder siden
15:15 😂😂😂
STATIKKTV - 6 måneder siden
worth it im excited for you
YouTube Vlogger
YouTube Vlogger - 6 måneder siden
Thing looks sick!. Love you Amelio!
Lori Hewes
Lori Hewes - 6 måneder siden
Hey guys. i have a 1991 honda prelude si that runs great. Im in CA..interested. I can send pics
CaveMan - 6 måneder siden
I bet Kyle could still miss 4th.
Mullet Man
Mullet Man - 6 måneder siden
Where’s my shirts Boiz?!?!?!?!
Reflex Photography NZ
Reflex Photography NZ - 6 måneder siden
13:40 Polishing Emilio's shaft

Aaaaaand demonetized
Final Kill Gaming
Final Kill Gaming - 6 måneder siden
14:47 Someone needs to make that lol
Michael B
Michael B - 6 måneder siden
;D Worth it! 😜
paul montoya
paul montoya - 6 måneder siden
delivering transmission in a porsche suv? Nice!!!
Anthony McNally
Anthony McNally - 7 måneder siden
New project!!!!!!!!!! Buy a honda beat and swap in turbo k24 !!!!!!!!
B!g D
B!g D - 7 måneder siden
Do u have this transmission installed now?
Shaun PC
Shaun PC - 7 måneder siden
Damn brother, I must have missed this video in my inbox Emilio but hell yeah Hondaru is getting serious.
Dobie Road Show
Dobie Road Show - 7 måneder siden
Damn I was gonna get a shirt from Emilio when I was there today . Guess I'm gonna have to get it online.
Sintram Dragonis
Sintram Dragonis - 7 måneder siden
Worth for sure
Jose Rotary
Jose Rotary - 7 måneder siden
Simply bad ass.💯👍👍👍
Kevin C
Kevin C - 7 måneder siden
A knob like that....who couldn't Brent .....
Caleb Peters
Caleb Peters - 7 måneder siden
That a yellow gt bmx?
Jeffery Ampey
Jeffery Ampey - 7 måneder siden
Worth it
Marcoe Johnson
Marcoe Johnson - 7 måneder siden
Definitely worth the wait
Brian Grider
Brian Grider - 7 måneder siden
Hey this is Brian J Grider. Someone removed a post i made on yalls facebook page and warned me i would be removed if i did it was a song in one of yalls new video's i like and i was complamenting on it so i posted it on the boostedboize page..
CriticoolHit - 7 måneder siden
Pay emilio more money and let him get at those sponsors and maybe we wouldn't have to wait a year in-between his updates. A real quaife is like 7 grand. Chump change compared to most of what goes on around here.
Alexis Fuentes
Alexis Fuentes - 7 måneder siden
Excited for you bro! I would be crying with happiness lol
volvod244 - 7 måneder siden
Whay not a see Tru diff cover ❓🤔
the strip / Milwaukee WI car scene
Hey bud.....I know this random and idk if ur going to see this but....Going through a ton of mental problems...... In the last couple months I was diagnosed with PTSD bipolar depression severe social anxiety and slight schizophrenia.....
Days that are rough or I have a panic attack which is almost all the time....I take my phone and watch your channel/clips.....I know we don't know each other and ur extremely busy..but just want to say thank you for nd the boosted Boyz team Bret and all the guys at pfi...also cleatus coop and James over at the McFarlane garage help me to calm down and distracted...if you could I would love a shout out if understanding .... But been watch since ur first YouTube clips
From the bottom of my heart I thank you for everything you have gotten me out a dark place eventho I still have Shadow days that's what I called them I do my best.....
Bryan Depiazzy
Bryan Depiazzy - 7 måneder siden
Rowdessy update
Joe Simon
Joe Simon - 7 måneder siden
Worth the wait!!!!😍
Spencer Singer
Spencer Singer - 7 måneder siden
I want to see this car go 8s
Kenrio Bowen
Kenrio Bowen - 7 måneder siden
Where is roman
Joe Wolforth
Joe Wolforth - 7 måneder siden
Worth the wait 😝
Daniel Burdette
Daniel Burdette - 7 måneder siden
Can’t wait for the 2KZ!
Ash - 7 måneder siden
Need a new shirt. On the front "Boosted Boiz" and on the back "Got Sequential?"
Bat Man
Bat Man - 7 måneder siden