Honda V6 Dune Buggy Takes On Street Bike Powered ATV!

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Runtime: 14:54


baumans100 - Dag siden
I had a 600 gsxr there not even getting close to riding out each gear.
Erric D Johnson 74
Erric D Johnson 74 - 9 dager siden
Damn the shifting on the buggy was terrible That 4 wheeler is sick Not wearing a helmet on that thing is just ignorant Sorry to be so blunt but it's common sense to put a fucking helmet on ✌️
Maine TurboDiesel
Maine TurboDiesel - 22 dager siden
Sick sick sick . . . . But we call ground hogs . . . Dirt pigs here
RS7JR - 22 dager siden
These helmet comments... come on seriously? These are grown men into motorsports. You think they forgot what helmets were? They knew the risk and it was theirs to take. We all take risks. We smoke, drink, eat crappy food that will kill us, drive cars not properly maintained, etc. Some people make safer choices than others and still wind up in a casket first. Let the men be men. Might as well tell them just to not race anymore because it's dangerous. Maybe they should just close the channel altogether so you wusses won't have a heart attack next time you see one of them within 20ft of a vehicle without a helmet. Watch a different channel if you don't like what they do.
michael Thomas
michael Thomas - 22 dager siden
Razzle Dazzle was designed as an off-road vehicle not an on road vehicle doesn't matter what kind of surface you run it on it should fly right over everything
michael Thomas
michael Thomas - 22 dager siden
Hey bro you crying about uneven surface that motherfuking real was designed we're going through s*** like that come on bro making up excuses
rallyausofficial - 23 dager siden
I’d like to see the buggy take on a banshee
Adam Honda98
Adam Honda98 - 23 dager siden
That is the most dangerous thing ever my friend died flipping an ATV and here is the fastest one possible
webslingercj - 23 dager siden
It needs a wider axel & longer A-arms bad. The Suzuki isn't that good of a platform to begin with.
I swapped 2 of my atv's
2000 400ex put a cbr 600rr in & a
1986 250r put a cbr 900rr in
Much better starting platform's
Also with the above mentioned upgraded parts.
T - 24 dager siden
Put paddles on it and take it to the dunes with ya next time you take the razzle dazzle...
Brian Hanel
Brian Hanel - 24 dager siden
They say you don't need a helmet if you have shit for your brains or is it you have shit for your brains if you don't wear a helmet
wreckless _
wreckless _ - 24 dager siden
good god... say somthing other than THIS THING RIPS.. wtf.. an man you all love stayin up on the rev limiter.. its horrible.. an sounds horrible an everthing.. jeeeesh
Cador Seeliger
Cador Seeliger - 25 dager siden
Razzel dazzle needs more tire!
roy grohler
roy grohler - 25 dager siden
If you all want some fun get a FX high power air gun from Air gun depot get rid of your prairie dog issues. I've shot thousands at FT Carson.
Rc custom Builds
Rc custom Builds - 26 dager siden
That quad looks like so much fun omg
Alex Man
Alex Man - 27 dager siden
Guys please get into the drag banshee seen 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
bubba zukii
bubba zukii - 28 dager siden
What motors in the buggy
cody - 29 dager siden
I thought that smoke stack or fire in the background was a tornado for a second 😂
TT - 29 dager siden
I grew up riding in Glamis since the early 80's. You definitely need to extend it before throwing paddles on or else that front end will be off the ground way too much and it takes the fun out of being able to dump the clutch and pin it.
Matt Schwab
Matt Schwab - Måned siden
Oh....why in the hell are you not shifting as soon as you hit the Rev limiter ? Your wasting time riding that Rev limiter.
HEAVYWALL 70 - Måned siden
I’m glad I’m not the only one to unload a quad like that
Fuck a damn ramp
I want to build a buggy or find one like what yall got and put a big cam small block chevy in kt
Broo I want that quad so badddddddd
Shredaholics - Måned siden
almost to 1m boys!
Aaron P
Aaron P - Måned siden
Put some real tires on that cart
Caleb Peters
Caleb Peters - Måned siden
How can u say b careful with a Street bike swapped
Ty Ward
Ty Ward - Måned siden
you meeting up with cleetus at the dunes with sidexsideblog?
frekle908 - Måned siden
Wish I could hang out with the crew one day !! #puertoricoincolorado #bansheevs400 #letsdoheeem
Jared Rand
Jared Rand - Måned siden
Yeah don't get a brain injury, you will never be the same. Nice quad.
Michael Mc
Michael Mc - Måned siden
When a Honda whats to race a Ducati - I agree with everyone else bitching about helmets, y'all definitely need them.
Mark K
Mark K - Måned siden
Unsubscribed. If you don't respect yourselves, why should I?
SUPRAMIKE - Måned siden
Helmets please, we dont need you guys dying anytime soon.
Trevor Bressman
Trevor Bressman - Måned siden
Soooo!!!!!! Stretch it slam it put street tires......= DRIFT QUAD!!!!!!
Nay B
Nay B - Måned siden
Bro get to the dunes now with that thing!!
Po Panda
Po Panda - Måned siden
I used to drive a j and pinging off limiter on those slows you down, try to shift before to keep momentum
Jayden Maestas
Jayden Maestas - Måned siden
Imagine the quad with an r1000 motor
snikwad003 - Måned siden
That is a death machine even with a helmet
down-n-dirty - Måned siden
I have a set of sand paddles for sale that might fit your rail
John Smith
John Smith - Måned siden
To everyone saying dumb shit about they can wear a helmet if they want or not, it's stupid. When I Tboned a truck at 50Mph, Flew 81 fucking feet, and was laying in a ditch bleeding internaly, the only reason I didn't die, is because when my fucking head smacked the road, there was a helmet around it. It's stupid to ride some sketchy ass shit like that without one. You can break all the bones you want. You can break both wrists, shoulder, Tibia And Fibula, and snap your pelvis right down the fuckin center like me, but you cant be around to recover if your stupid fuckin head hits a rock at 50-60 mph.
Gasratz Customs
Gasratz Customs - Måned siden
I N S A N E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!