Got Taken Down By My Own Setup

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Runtime: 16:57


Alek Damyanov
Alek Damyanov - 10 dager siden
Does anyone know what the CRX's setup is?
Matthew Mihniak
Matthew Mihniak - 14 dager siden
How do you miss second?
rick morty
rick morty - 18 dager siden
The bug ended up getting a bug??
rick morty
rick morty - 18 dager siden
Chaleed Nielsen
Chaleed Nielsen - 21 dag siden
How you be hanging up yo it’s not hard
xlToxic Snipez-
xlToxic Snipez- - Måned siden
Yu ain’t even get taken down bro smooth miss of third caused the L but overall yur still faster lol!
Jake Boyle
Jake Boyle - Måned siden
Kyle sucks under pressure
BiG Cheese
BiG Cheese - Måned siden
8:48 😂 not again!!!
cöckchew - Måned siden
can’t wait to see how she does
VRIZAR - Måned siden
so lets see how she does
Bad Apple
Bad Apple - Måned siden
Prelude Gang 🤙
Clear Mind Drone
Clear Mind Drone - Måned siden
How you goin skip jaime time man👎
BossCamel 1243
BossCamel 1243 - Måned siden
Question and I don’t wanna sound like a dick but is the gear position on the trans real shifty or is it just Kyle
Qwalay - Måned siden
When racing kyle you can always count on that 3rd gear miss to help you win
Sean Williams
Sean Williams - Måned siden
That CRX is a monster, even with a great reaction time that thing kills you. Lol
Trae Williams
Trae Williams - Måned siden
Kyle: let’s see how she does

Kyle: she’s a squirter
Acei2noj - Måned siden
Forget these new cars you should get a new intro
Ian Koch
Ian Koch - Måned siden
See how she does T-shirt
12_sec_sho - Måned siden
I'M stooked to see the MR2 make its return
Desmond Chong
Desmond Chong - Måned siden
Bruh it's weird to see the hatch without the front lip lol
Asets ISR
Asets ISR - Måned siden
Awesome content Kyle 💯
Daniel lee
Daniel lee - Måned siden
"about 600" aka about 700
Daniel lee
Daniel lee - Måned siden
Let's see how she does this pass..LOL
LE Is papa
LE Is papa - Måned siden
Ok daddy
XxIcybluexX - Måned siden
Mario's just hitting those shift and getting that overtime in speed, but the CRX... a Bat outta hell, 🤣🤣🤣.
Lafollette Garage
Lafollette Garage - Måned siden
The hatch needs a little love❤
suicid3 mx3
suicid3 mx3 - Måned siden
Loool goes to the track and everyting goes for a shit on him aha bad luck
suicid3 mx3
suicid3 mx3 - Måned siden
Smoke comes in the cabin like crazy
Kyles reaction: none
1 20
1 20 - Måned siden
I didnt know our facebook group had YT channel!
Moises Alcala
Moises Alcala - 2 måneder siden
I guess we’ll see how she does
THOMAS GAVAGNINI - 2 måneder siden
You think were ever going to really see how she does?
Glockspecific - 2 måneder siden
Stop yelling Brent... Lol
Nick - 2 måneder siden
Misses 2nd. Damn. Next pass. Misses 3rd. Damn.
Jimmy Tweedale
Jimmy Tweedale - 2 måneder siden
When you actually just start to blame 3rd gear and not yourself lol
William Frye
William Frye - 2 måneder siden
I want to see more of that rex! Floating!
MariDiGennah VLOGS
MariDiGennah VLOGS - 2 måneder siden
Build the hatch to beat that CRX!!
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt - 2 måneder siden
Granny shifting, not double clutching like you should!
Brandon Baker
Brandon Baker - 2 måneder siden
Let's see how she does..
Peter rodriguez
Peter rodriguez - 2 måneder siden
Imagine race the hatch vs crx!!
civicmadmax - 2 måneder siden
All I heard was "no Monika" 😂