Getting Hondaru Ready For A New Paint Job!

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My two bæs
My two bæs - 3 måneder siden
I be having wet dreams about this car bro 😂😂
Kelsey Clark
Kelsey Clark - 6 måneder siden
Pedro the one man pit stop
Justice Of the sun
Justice Of the sun - 6 måneder siden
Just an idea. Instead of having an open hood why dont you cut the center part and raise it up. A wrx with a 4" cowl hood would look tough! Plus it would be year round streetable.
Auto Body Everything
Auto Body Everything - 6 måneder siden
Awe ok I see I it’s painted in another vid, I retract my last comment on here lol. I’m so glad to see you did it the correct way. I just get upset sometimes when I see body n paint getting done the wrong way bcs no one is as picky as I am when it comes to body n paint
ben hunt
ben hunt - 6 måneder siden
Man. Why are you painting it silver bro?! Finally caught up with you guys. Looking forward to the colour change, and you keep the darn thing silver.
Fucking hell Emilio
automotive editing
automotive editing - 6 måneder siden
Put the h22 in Emilio ek hatch
Moto Vid
Moto Vid - 6 måneder siden
That intro tho
pFbSpecV - 6 måneder siden
Emilios videos are always the best!! Cant wait for hondaru!!
Nathan Countyrman
Nathan Countyrman - 6 måneder siden
That’s one deadly sheep then 😂
Nathan Countyrman
Nathan Countyrman - 6 måneder siden
Get a carbon fiber wing for the sti !
Alfa Romeo 33
Alfa Romeo 33 - 6 måneder siden
Tõnis Lomp
Tõnis Lomp - 6 måneder siden
@11.11 Emilio, that stuff is for rock chips and debry on the road, to protect the bonnet. Keep up the good work and get those passes!
TURBOTRISTAN - 6 måneder siden
Also glad Pedro is back he is the best
It's_just_Me! - 6 måneder siden
Kyle, you need to have different intro music bro!!!!
george elve
george elve - 6 måneder siden
After working for a hail repair company for over 10 years, this just ain't right, i've worked with over 30 paintless dent repair techs. I know some crazy pdrs that can fix just about any dent and my boss is a pdr instructor. The guy fixing the hood is a rookie and making pizza on that hood, its gonna need some convention body work after his pdr. I've trained on pdr for years, its not easy, especially aluminum.
Noesknows1 - 6 måneder siden
This guy's has someone for everything 👍🏽
Best Damn Shingler
Best Damn Shingler - 6 måneder siden
Pedro is a homie 🤘🏻
Grant 7 Paints & Coatings
Grant 7 Paints & Coatings - 6 måneder siden
Kevin Agostini
Kevin Agostini - 6 måneder siden
Why not make a scoop like on some mustangs to raise the hood where it doesn't clear the engine, by making a hole and then welding like a a scoop or something so it looks raised, rather than just a hole?
Donnie L
Donnie L - 6 måneder siden
Pedro for President!
Marc Ruales
Marc Ruales - 6 måneder siden
Yo that coranvirus shit is seriously. 50+ school closed in ny and nj.
S I M O N - 6 måneder siden
Odds of an upload today are.........
A. Alcantar
A. Alcantar - 6 måneder siden
Would of wrapt it. HANDARU LODI !!!!
Jeremy Montalvo
Jeremy Montalvo - 6 måneder siden
You should get a carbon fiber hood 🤔
BANDIT Grizzy - 6 måneder siden
Y'all going to team up n spin out Cletus? ??? Lol
Junior Flores
Junior Flores - 6 måneder siden
Getting new paint for H-day?
TheoMusic978 - 6 måneder siden
Always wear a mask my uncle does bodywork and overtime it messed up his body
Aden Welsh-Alix
Aden Welsh-Alix - 6 måneder siden
Hondaru should say “Subaru wrx si” on the back
Ray Zimmer
Ray Zimmer - 6 måneder siden
somebody give that man a dusk mask
GeminiBUILT - 6 måneder siden
@boostedboiz great vids keep up the great work
NickPDX22 - 6 måneder siden
Body shop boogers are NO JOKE! 😂
jedno oki
jedno oki - 6 måneder siden
Yooo show us your Crown Vic for Cletus car wee all know about your secret:)))) 5k like :)
Matt Hemberry
Matt Hemberry - 6 måneder siden
You should have gotten a regular Impreza hood. You could have had the same hood without the hole in it for the hood scoop.
KOZAK_KBuilt - 6 måneder siden
Bro you gotta change the music at the end 🤣🤣 it’s like some creepy Halloween music 🤣🤣🤣
F.m BnR
F.m BnR - 6 måneder siden
#MakeHondaruGreatAgain !😎 greetings from nl ✌🇳🇱👍
FLIPMODE - 6 måneder siden
martijnvkk - 6 måneder siden
Boys dont forget to purchase for the event of cleetus at the freedom factory its only 10 dollars
Vertex Arcade
Vertex Arcade - 6 måneder siden
I know you guys already do this and are down with them but can you Run over to cleetus and cars , buy a tee shirt and type a comment "I support what you are doing for drag racing" to boost support for those water systems and bleechers..
Joe Yeates
Joe Yeates - 6 måneder siden
can't just be me that thinks that tool Pedro was using sounds like a V10 F1 car
Dan Longyear
Dan Longyear - 6 måneder siden
Is the new project a Crown Vic by any chance??