Fastest The Rowdyssey Has Ever Accelerated

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Runtime: 12:03


Big Shane
Big Shane - Måned siden
11:06 omg minivan rolling awd burnout?
pdelmo79 - 3 måneder siden
AnglingNVirginia - 3 måneder siden
1:52 - 2:22 I wish there was an outside view!! That sounded sooo sick
Rya Kelly
Rya Kelly - 4 måneder siden
James is an animal love itt xx
Max Lancaster
Max Lancaster - 4 måneder siden
that is such a ridiculously huge turbo for that engine
jrbaconcheez - 4 måneder siden
Once again I've stumbled upon a new favorite channel.

The internet never stops giving
mr fam
mr fam - 4 måneder siden
Should of let him send it...
GEGEGE NO KITARO - 4 måneder siden
Hoonigan copy T shirt is pretty gay as expected.
Chris Broadbridge
Chris Broadbridge - 4 måneder siden
Upgraded joints are always good...😏😏😏
Addison0526 - 4 måneder siden
9:31 when you just did a pull and a cop rolls by 😂
Baylan Maverick Legacy
Baylan Maverick Legacy - 4 måneder siden
love this outro its almost asmr.
Compeer Raa
Compeer Raa - 4 måneder siden
JESUS dudes! what have you created lmfao!
Calvin F
Calvin F - 4 måneder siden
When Karen has to rush to pick up her kids from soccer practice
Anthony Hudelson
Anthony Hudelson - 4 måneder siden
I literally shit my pants when the hood was opened.
boastyy - 4 måneder siden
Think it would be a bit quicker if you shifted a bit earlier just before the limiter, seems like your shifting late mate.
Loski Tube
Loski Tube - 4 måneder siden
We need that nissan out there drifting Kyle! Where’s that at?
Schmitty Boy
Schmitty Boy - 4 måneder siden
You gotta van attached to that turbo just thought I’d let you know
smash510 - 4 måneder siden
For mac daddy j said it got guts ya it ride 🔥👊
Matt Brooks
Matt Brooks - 4 måneder siden
Neighbor has to be my favorite car all time
EVERYONEHATESJJ - 4 måneder siden
That drifting deserves automatic like and subscribe
Mathu Flores
Mathu Flores - 4 måneder siden
Put a filter on that turbo, and drive like your life depended on it
Fefe Firecrackers
Fefe Firecrackers - 4 måneder siden
Put shawd on a v6 oddessy
D-Happiness - 4 måneder siden
Love Hon Drew...
Nitous Infinitarius
Nitous Infinitarius - 4 måneder siden
The rowdessey is going to be a damn monster that is so awesome. I've never felt the sheer pull of a vehicle with tons of power, someday I'll get that rush.
Nitous Infinitarius
Nitous Infinitarius - 4 måneder siden
Damn that had my blood pressure up. Good job on that send number 2 it was hard core guys. Hardcore. Love you guys your making me want to race more and more. You guys brought my love of cars back to life, thank you.
Darkone Outdoors
Darkone Outdoors - 4 måneder siden
Should have let James drive it....
JROD Jeremy Flanigan
JROD Jeremy Flanigan - 4 måneder siden
Amazing. Best minivan ever!! Good job fighting all the gremlins to make it happen. It’s been a long fight
Chuck's Stuff
Chuck's Stuff - 4 måneder siden
2:30 Cleet should really install a cage in that pig especially with him doing ride alongs!!! Keep the Boiz safe!!
b00stedrust - 4 måneder siden
sounds like some slipping..?
Albert Bassig
Albert Bassig - 4 måneder siden
aww men their back at colorado yasss
TheVeeSquad - 4 måneder siden
James reaction is like ok cool lol
Glockspecific - 4 måneder siden
That thing needs a cage!
Precision VA
Precision VA - 4 måneder siden
Hell yeah dude that’s sick AF! Makes me want to build a kswap CRV!!!! Keep killing it Boiz!
seroqu 15
seroqu 15 - 4 måneder siden
I laugh every time I see this thing fly n go crazy as fuck lolo lol lol!!!!🚐🚐🚐
Jack Day
Jack Day - 4 måneder siden
Miss the hatch
J garfield Garza
J garfield Garza - 4 måneder siden
I'd be nice to see some killer 18s on the minivan and tint all around
rfunder12 - 4 måneder siden
when yall moving to florida???
1skys1 - 4 måneder siden
hate to be that guy but can you guys put a roll cage in that crazy minivan and maybe some seats to fast to be safe anymore
PAUL4DR - 4 måneder siden
Elevating the car game with these dope builds 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Drd - 4 måneder siden
So... next upgrades are wheels and tyres then?