Can Our MINIVAN Keep Up With a McLaren 720S?

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Runtime: 26:55


Jason French
Jason French - Dag siden
Your van is much more of a half mile car
Jason French
Jason French - Dag siden
You woulda beat him in a half
Everythinghondapro - 3 dager siden
Put the bumper back better aerodinámic
Jake McDonough
Jake McDonough - 6 dager siden
Dude if you didn't it the Rev limiter you might've had him. That was so sick
valley farming
valley farming - 11 dager siden
One more upgrade
Matthew Bunch
Matthew Bunch - 12 dager siden
I’m sorry that makes no sense that standing is the same as roll calm down no it’s not equal tire spin wheel speed no not equal at all
NotJohnaton - 13 dager siden
Send it
Luke Simon
Luke Simon - 16 dager siden
I love a hyped Kyle video, especially after all the bad luck
Tall Lifts
Tall Lifts - 19 dager siden
The guy is saying that mclaren is very efficient vehicle and has a lot of storage space while the other guy is literally driving a minivan... the irony
E. L.
E. L. - 24 dager siden
7:54 start of the race.
17:28 for the second race.
BrantheBroken - 24 dager siden
Dude, awesome race, but come on, that is hardly 'a '95 Odyssey'
ryan williams
ryan williams - 25 dager siden
Boostedboyz why are you using a minivan you scrub? Muscle cars can beat it
evisel mejia
evisel mejia - 25 dager siden
That instant twerk
B1ackjack - 26 dager siden
Hopefully the "crackhead" you bought the van from isn't a subscriber.
Josh Nichter
Josh Nichter - 26 dager siden
Dude you look like Steve-o
Jesus Ibarra
Jesus Ibarra - 27 dager siden
Shift a lil off
TheGamingThief - 28 dager siden
I never thought I’d see the day 👏👏👏👏
Muffdiver777 yummy
Muffdiver777 yummy - 28 dager siden
who else noticed the 1ga dsm in the backround at 12:00
manos pergas
manos pergas - 28 dager siden
Can McLaren keep up with the van?
Timestretch - 28 dager siden
Same fellow Colorado youtubers ehh??
Street Spankerz
Street Spankerz - 28 dager siden
I notice you look at your opponent to much which is why your hitting the rev limiter to much. Just focus on the front of you and your speedometer and you could have won.
DunkWard - 29 dager siden
DunkWard - 29 dager siden
LeVelle Coley
LeVelle Coley - 29 dager siden
Should’ve put a wig on, Put baby on board Decal on the back window and called it the Karen Mobile. 😂😭😭
Brian A
Brian A - 29 dager siden
Anything is possible in a Honda 💪🔥
gaming with mango squad
gaming with mango squad - 29 dager siden
Tyler Z
Tyler Z - 29 dager siden
If he didn’t ride that gear too high he would’ve passed him last second
Stoned Civet
Stoned Civet - Måned siden
I love shit like the rowdesy I love cars that were never supposed to go that fast
Krak'd Aus!!
Krak'd Aus!! - Måned siden
He can do that hit the brakes and take a corner almost at that same speed. That van... Not so much.
OpTic The FlashXX
OpTic The FlashXX - Måned siden
U would of gotten the mclaren if it wasnt for ur shifting haha u gotta improve on that.
I love JBL
I love JBL - Måned siden
Minivan vs Bugatti???
wreckless _
wreckless _ - Måned siden
man yall love hittin that limiter damn
Shane Neville
Shane Neville - Måned siden
Races streetspeed zr1 would make for great content
josh leaym
josh leaym - Måned siden
Need nitrous!!!
BennyBop Cruz
BennyBop Cruz - Måned siden
Tbh after seeing that big ass turbo in the minivan i dont this that mclaren has chance 😂 btw gmfu after the mclaren owner said if he looses, he gna sell his car 🤣🤣🤣lmao!!
Luke Wulf
Luke Wulf - Måned siden
The rowdyssey needs some weight reduction
Navjot Chaggar
Navjot Chaggar - Måned siden
That W211 E55 AMG At @ 7:17 looks dope
Leader In the making
Leader In the making - Måned siden
" what is this thing " its a "honda".... oh okay its family lol
FIF_90 - Måned siden
Brad Kells
Brad Kells - Måned siden
Why is the beak in his hat so big ha