BOOSTING Our Honda V6 Powered Sand Rail!

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Miguel Padilla
Miguel Padilla - 10 dager siden
Put slicks on it and take it to the track
V5 Twist
V5 Twist - 16 dager siden
kevin bailey
kevin bailey - 18 dager siden
Kai Borah
Kai Borah - 19 dager siden
Theoretically, you could get a built sequential Subaru trans, like the one in Hondaru, remove the center diff and lock the shafts for "FWD" mode, and put that in Razzle to hold more power on a built J.
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 - 17 dager siden
That Mendeola transaxle (MD4S-2D) is rated for 375HP. (It's designed for stock LS engines) Mendeola also has the S4D, a 4 speed sequential, rated at 750HP.
Fittsy - 23 dager siden
Kyle should get a gopro headstrap, so it would be easier to film the process of working on engines
kevin bailey
kevin bailey - 24 dager siden
Phillip Nigro
Phillip Nigro - 25 dager siden
yo awesome Milwaukee permanent maker they're better than sharpies last longer do you have other tools from them personally most of my garage is Milwaukee and the rest is snap on
Kyle Gajewski
Kyle Gajewski - 26 dager siden
get the intake pipes power coated/painted red to match the cage
AyoBrandoh - 26 dager siden
I just got a notification for this video WTF
theboomfish - 26 dager siden
If there is one thing this doesn't need it is a built motor! Air box though for sure!
Juan Solo
Juan Solo - 27 dager siden
So, quick question... What heads are those? How do you have three individual ports on the exhaust manifolds? Would they work on a J35 without changing compression at all?
Sorry for picking your brain this is the first time I've ever seen this.
Juan Solo
Juan Solo - 27 dager siden
So I looked this up... it's a J30A head. Now I just need to figure out if I can pop some onto a J35. Probably not, and finding one on ebay will be tricky.
haydn doggett
haydn doggett - 27 dager siden
Intercooler dangerous by your head? A big rock could pop intercooler haha I just want you guys to be safe
Specter75 - 27 dager siden
I love you and your channel (def can't forget about Emilio, for sure him too) but clean up your cars a little more man! :] hahaha. cant wait to see this thing pull the wheels #Moontune2
Freeman Alba Woodtink
Freeman Alba Woodtink - 28 dager siden
Would a thumb throttle like a quad bike be worthwhile... easier to control on bumpy ground
Brent Dykstra
Brent Dykstra - 28 dager siden
Put some more hose clamps on the shock reservoir.
Garage Panda
Garage Panda - 28 dager siden
“The snail rail”
Larson Racing.
Larson Racing. - 28 dager siden
I would love to see her get a wing and an awooga horn just for shits and giggles
Dam Beaver Fabworks
Dam Beaver Fabworks - 28 dager siden
What transaxle is this using. Kart looks sick boys great work
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 - 28 dager siden
Mendeola Transaxles MD4S-2D
danielsb18c - 28 dager siden
Just hall ass
MADMIKE808 - 29 dager siden
Braddah Kyle with the Shaka 🤙
Mr Bucket
Mr Bucket - 29 dager siden
Who else subbed to phongs channel?
JDM_em1 - 29 dager siden
I musta missed a lot of episodes wtf!?!? Where did roman and the grinch go??
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 - 29 dager siden
Watch today's video.
Jordan K
Jordan K - 29 dager siden
I wish Kyle would reply to some of the comments when he posts a video. I watch 99% of his videos, but refuse to subscribe because he doesnt respond to any comments...
Ryan Herdrich
Ryan Herdrich - 29 dager siden
I want to see how it performs with a proper LSD in the trans. Even NA that would have been good.
Dylan Hearn
Dylan Hearn - 29 dager siden
You, cleetus and SxS blog need to hit the sand dunes
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 - 29 dager siden
That's what the plan on doing in October.
haggisek - 29 dager siden
What's that on Hayden's lip?
the loshman
the loshman - 29 dager siden
That rusty back housing looked gooood man, fits the off-road style of razzle dazzle but the new one looks even better 👌 she really dazzles now
Timothy Wilson
Timothy Wilson - 29 dager siden
How does a turbo spoil fast enough for a sand rail??? Seems like you are on then off then on again plus sand contamination where a screen won’t help the turbo???
Oikku Oek
Oikku Oek - 29 dager siden
I want to see the stream of sand running into that turbo when you launch it at the dunes. 
Could you film it in SloMo? It's gonna be short, but it's gonna be epic!
Turbo World
Turbo World - 29 dager siden
Hayden is a fabricating beast!! Can't wait to see wheelies!! Razzle dazzle!!
Justin Hobart
Justin Hobart - 29 dager siden
Kyle, next time you got to put a bung in an oil pan, and it's going to be that difficult... Maybe think about this, I never knew they existed, till I saw YouTube video couple weeks ago, this link is a bung that you typically use for a fuel system gas tank return line that you don't have to weld, I don't see why you couldn't use it for an oil return as well. $25 but it would be easy breezy save you that big headache. Here's the Ebay link...
Abraham Gonzalez
Abraham Gonzalez - 29 dager siden
What transmission u guys using on this
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 - 29 dager siden
Mendeola Transaxles MD4S-2D.
gullreefclub - 29 dager siden
Cheese and Rice Boizs, how in blue hell could you not freaking know that there were two bolts on the front of the oil pan? There is a very simple rule that oil pan bolts are spaced equally around the flange of the pan. This is a classic case of AUWTDA ( Ate Up With The Dumb Ass). Well at least you didn't keep prying on it until you broke the pan or block. Ball busting aside I can't wait to hear/see it run. If I was you I would pipe up a intake pipe to get it away from the spay of sand off the tires
CarsTrucksWhatever - 29 dager siden
I wonder what will do better wheelie MR2 or the Razzle Dazzle
Chalmich5 - 29 dager siden
Speaking of hidden easter egg hints. @ 3:13 he mentioned the moon. I think we are in store for a moon toon for the ol razzle dazzle. 🤔
Lil tater chip _
Lil tater chip _ - 29 dager siden
Weld the diff
Brian Jacobs
Brian Jacobs - 29 dager siden
I go to Glamis every season your going to be stuck it only takes one trip it changes you make sure you put some skat trak paddles on it those are the best in Glamis
Chris Gooden
Chris Gooden - 29 dager siden
personally prefer the rust...
Brock Hadlow
Brock Hadlow - 29 dager siden
How dumb erm honda use them same covers on K's thought you may of known that lol
FASTMAROS - 29 dager siden
Looks sick !!