Assembling The Bottom End For The Mr2's New Engine!

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Runtime: 12:38


Luke Simon
Luke Simon - 13 dager siden
Would of loved to have seen phong port the head. #alldimplephong
Matthew Taylor
Matthew Taylor - 18 dager siden
That toilet in the background though... 🤣😆😂
kevin bailey
kevin bailey - 18 dager siden
jasper jasper
jasper jasper - 29 dager siden
I get it, i fell for it “click bait” then something else, then mr2 rebuild #3
jasper jasper
jasper jasper - 29 dager siden
Sooooo, third times a charm?
Tyler c
Tyler c - Måned siden
That wrist pin setup is badass
Tyler c
Tyler c - Måned siden
When he first opened the door to the white truck they were jumping I thought o ok they have a roll bar, but it was just the doors weather stripping haha
Rune Andre Bergtun
Rune Andre Bergtun - Måned siden
Think you will need sissybars and probably som more weight in the front now. Otherwise you might aswell put wings on the mr2 .
guitarz and carz
guitarz and carz - Måned siden
No clearance check? I’ve seen yall do it before. I’d hate to see this thing blowup
Hendy Rukman
Hendy Rukman - Måned siden
that piston rod is huge
ET Himself
ET Himself - Måned siden
This may sound strange: Back in 88/89 etc when the Mr2 could be had with a supercharger - the automatic version was the fastest production car tn the world from 0 - 30. Ha, I did not believe it until I read it in a car magazine, Road & Track etc - ha again, while I had my 86 Mr2 in for servicing
Russian War Club
Russian War Club - Måned siden
Joe Bolognese
Joe Bolognese - Måned siden
Everytime you drill one of those holes thru the bearing you are creating a micro bur which can cause accelerated bearing wear or even to spin a bearing. Not sure who told you this is ok but I really don’t recommend hand drilling any machined bearing at the very least have the bearing checked
pFbSpecV - Måned siden
Deep 8s with the mr2!!!
GodzUnit01 - Måned siden
Seems like unnecessary excess weight to the pistons from the rod retainers.
PLASMAKVA500 - Måned siden
hey kyle do you have the rotating assy balanced or do you just put it together out of the boxes of parts??
Toms Tech
Toms Tech - Måned siden
5:50 a circlip has less mass than those blocks and they have no friction against the oil on the wall.
K20rotrex - Måned siden
Ogs remember when you had to notch the d series
FireStarter - Måned siden
Guy at 0:38 sounds so much like nickmercs
Team Gamble BMX
Team Gamble BMX - Måned siden
Jafromobile. How to build an engine for power (and longevity)
Dan Hanus
Dan Hanus - Måned siden
Call me a skeptic on the success of the oil ring c clip eliminator.
Jared THISDELLE - Måned siden
HOW 2 HONDA - Måned siden
Hope the clay and clearance this and accommodate for rod stretch from the aluminum. Otherwise it won't last long.
2k Baby
2k Baby - Måned siden
WOAHHHHH!! Flipping that block over with the pistons not bolted in is just very ball ZZ
Brandon Alvarez
Brandon Alvarez - Måned siden
“Good suck”
Cecilio Larios
Cecilio Larios - Måned siden
Man I'm over here wishing I had a truck and here you guys are destroying one...
Scott Govey
Scott Govey - Måned siden
I'm not to keen on the piston setup he's using. Seen to many catastrophic failures from those style. Just have to wait and see what happens.
V. Gregg Undercover1566
V. Gregg Undercover1566 - Måned siden
YEEESSSS bro keep it up with the bad@ss timelapses of your builds! 10/10
em pollard
em pollard - Måned siden
You guys doing rmrw 2.0?
Patrick Flanagan
Patrick Flanagan - Måned siden
TheMiddleAmerican - Måned siden
Brent is the most positive guy in the game who is selfless. Y’all make the dream work/teamwork
reado33 - Måned siden
focus you f*#k
Patrick Beverley
Patrick Beverley - Måned siden
How come no cut-ring gasket? I did a cut-ring just for boost. Also didn't machine block.
zyar46 - Måned siden
Turbo sitting near the razzle. Somethings fishy happening back there
ls1camaro867hp - Måned siden
Look another engine about to be blown up....
Carlos Barrera
Carlos Barrera - Måned siden
you should raise that ring gap more than 22 wont lost any power just gain insurance
LenierEusoj - Måned siden
Shouldnt you port&polish the heads? Anything to squeeze out more horsepower
Joseph Herrera
Joseph Herrera - Måned siden
Emilio has a new motor for his Supra sitting right in that little truck that you guys destroyed
dave S
dave S - Måned siden
Like a rock!!! That's what it sounds like hitting jumps
Stack Smasher
Stack Smasher - Måned siden