Another Unlucky Day at The Track With Hondaru

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Christopher Martinez
Christopher Martinez - Måned siden
Christopher Martinez
Christopher Martinez - Måned siden
What Honda motor does it have?
Eddie H
Eddie H - 2 måneder siden
Damn. Life of a race car owner. I had to stop building after I got married. I miss it, but, I don’t.
Will K.
Will K. - 2 måneder siden
Love you guys and subaru's don't drop too many seats d;. Poor Emilio!
Redneck Mechanics
Redneck Mechanics - 2 måneder siden
Its easy for us to blame behind our keyboards, but...
Id say that you guys need to do more testing at lower power levels. I dont know why you guys try to go all out off the trailler.
Its frustrating to see people play with stuff many of us cant afford and break everything.
You need to walk before you run.
Idk why there is a rush to go fast, its much better to see a sorted out car run well than guys throwing expensive parts at cars and blowing everything up.
Quincy O'Connor
Quincy O'Connor - 2 måneder siden
If the pcv blows off it means there is crazy pressure going past or threw a cylinder into the crank case
Patrick Baitman
Patrick Baitman - 3 måneder siden
You guys make me like Teslas.  You guys spend a ton of money to hopefully make it down the track.
Tek Buck
Tek Buck - 3 måneder siden
Should maybe quit using Honda motors 😂💀💀💀💀
Nicholas - 3 måneder siden
Not enough seat pressure and floating the valves?
LordFluffFluff - 3 måneder siden
They ran out of the t-shirts for this car.
L.T GAMIN - 3 måneder siden
You had to leave the car silver it drove longer lol
Trevor Bedwell
Trevor Bedwell - 3 måneder siden
Where the supra with the ls swap?
Resk 11
Resk 11 - 3 måneder siden
Keep ur head up bro 9.6 coming soon
Gobiee - 3 måneder siden
Its part of the game break, fix it , improve it.
Steven Thompson
Steven Thompson - 3 måneder siden
Emilio said it perfect " we aren't trying to daily them we are pushing them to making power.
Austin K
Austin K - 3 måneder siden
Those damn 4 piston heads. Need to find a more reliable valve train
GaryLordsWayMinistry - 3 måneder siden
You guys and your shifting are so lame. You should hire a driver instead of racing them yourselves. That's what happens when you have the valve Spring is weak as well.
Caleb Ryan
Caleb Ryan - 3 måneder siden
Marvin Serrano
Marvin Serrano - 3 måneder siden
Gotta break in the engine
ricardo rodriguez
ricardo rodriguez - 3 måneder siden
Two Step is killing your motors.
ricardo rodriguez
ricardo rodriguez - 3 måneder siden
Its the Two Step when you stay on Two Step too long thats whats happening.
Rigo Gonzalez
Rigo Gonzalez - 3 måneder siden
Time for a BZE head!
Eric Eisenbeis
Eric Eisenbeis - 3 måneder siden
Could your valves be stretching due to rpm and spring pressure? Just a thought sucks man hate to see anyone’s car break
Asets ISR
Asets ISR - 3 måneder siden
Give up on k for now Emilio and go j in hondaru
DEXTER MORGAN - 3 måneder siden
Why wouldnt you bring tools😭
Pac-Man - 3 måneder siden
That girl in the yellow is fine !!
Alex Verity
Alex Verity - 3 måneder siden
Pedro with the glow up
DEE RICHARDSON - 3 måneder siden
haters hate that's what they do. we need them with haters u have no lovers
DEE RICHARDSON - 3 måneder siden
without haters!
DEE RICHARDSON - 3 måneder siden
stay up bro it be worth it
Dave S
Dave S - 3 måneder siden
You guys are honestly really inexperienced shifting go get some training from cleetus
Henry Garcia
Henry Garcia - 3 måneder siden
That’s just racing bois head up Emilio the tracks not going anywhere bro
rjc862003 - 3 måneder siden
between the backfire and the missed shift thats whats done it in, not ragging on the driver. but that shit is murder on the valve-train and creates exactly the forces needed to break keepers, you need to look at some better keepers/retainers for your application, I think skunk makes some titanium pieces that would work and whilst your in there even stiffer springs and see if there is any way to stiffen the entire thing up (cam girdle ) anything you can do to make the valve train stiffer/stronger would help pervert this failure from happening again
Brandon Fripp
Brandon Fripp - 3 måneder siden
Go get that record! We will rebuild.
CryinBranston - 3 måneder siden
You boiz need to chill on the weed while your Building the cars.
Trent Greninger
Trent Greninger - 3 måneder siden
Bull looked fried
Silent Haiku
Silent Haiku - 3 måneder siden
Maybe you should go with a built EJ... Sti just wants its heart back in!
Jeffey Mater
Jeffey Mater - 3 måneder siden
Thanks for supporting boys in blue 👮🏿 👮‍♀️ 🚓
X3R0D3D - 3 måneder siden
man i feel bad for ya guys.
Timothy Martin
Timothy Martin - 3 måneder siden
Atleast he beat the tesla...
Jacob Bowman
Jacob Bowman - 3 måneder siden
You're the man Emilio. Keep killing it. It'll all come together.